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212cc engine near me horizontal petrol engine general purpose engine

model:YS170FB   Price: USD 160 (150-200)

212cc engine

The 212cc engine is a single-cylinder four-stroke air-cooled engine with an engine displacement of 212cc. It has good heat dissipation effect, oil protection, fine workmanship, low fuel consumption, economical and practical, and affordable. 212cc engine kit is suitable for a variety of machines, and can be used in conjunction with micro-tillers, generators, water pumps, sprayers, threshing machines, paddle machines, trowels, road cutters, etc. to provide power for these machines. Our general purpose engine are of reliable quality and are available in a wide variety of styles, models and colors. Welcome to contact us for more communications.

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● 212cc engine specs technical data

Engine type Single cylinder, 4-stroke, overhead valve
Bore × stroke(mm) 70×54
Displacement(ml) 212
Start mode Recoil
212cc engine hp (212cc engine power) 7.5
Max. Output (HP/rpm) 7.5/3600
212cc engine speed (power) (rpm) 3600 r/min
Max. Torque (N.m/rpm) 12/2500
212cc engine top speed (torque) (rpm) 2500 r/min
Fuel designation Unleaded gasoline above 90#(GB17930-1999)
Fuel designation ≤374
Fuel tank capacity(L) 3.6
208cc engine oil capacity (L) 0.6
Dimension L×W×H(mm) 360×300×330
Net Weight(kg) 16

Kindly note: we can add 212cc electric start kit to make it become 212cc engine with electric start model, please contact us for more details.

● 212cc engine for sale structure diagram

generac 212cc engine

1. Full iron fuel tank
2. OEM brand
3. Extended silencer
4. Turn off switch
5. Oil sensor
6. All aluminum case
7. Steel crankshaft
8. Oil dipstick

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1. Oil filter air filter
2. Spark plug location
3. OHV structure
4. Carburetor
5. Throttle switch
6. Damper switch
7. Oil circuit switch
8. Start puller

212cc engine kit features

  • OHV overhead valve design is an ideal combustion chamber state, superior intake and exhaust effects, more complete combustion, and low fuel consumption

  • Oil filter type air filter, white bottom box can add a small amount of oil; better prevent dust from entering.

  • High-quality carburetor, good gasoline atomization effect, low fuel consumption

  • Steel cam crankshaft, high bearing capacity and wear resistance

  • Lengthened muffler, industrial-grade muffler design, can disperse engine heat; better reduce noise; extend power

  • Various crankshafts to choose from

● 212cc engine kit startup step instructions

212cc engine kit startup step instructions
● Safety Warning:
1) Check for fuel spillage or leakage before use
2) The engine must be turned off when refueling
3) No fireworks, no indoor use
4) Please follow the steps to start before use to avoid damage to the machine

● Start steps:

  • Step 1: Add 0.6L engine oil to the innermost thread

  • Step 2: Add unleaded gasoline above 90#

  • Step 3: Before starting, check whether the flameout switch is in the ON position. Check whether the lubricating oil in the engine is in the proper place

  • Step 4: Turn on the gasoline oil circuit switch and adjust it to the far right ON position

  • Step 5: Push the damper to the left to close

  • Step 6: Adjust the throttle switch to the appropriate position, the middle position before starting can be

  • Step 7: Gently pull the puller handle 2-3 times, then pull quickly

  • Step 8: After the gasoline engine is started, open the damper and push it to the far right

● 212cc engine parts

We sell 212cc engine parts such as 212cc engine oil, 212cc engine mount, 212cc engine carburetor, 212cc engine camshaft, 212cc engine electric start, 212cc engine flywheel, 212cc engine governor, 212cc engine switch, 212cc engine turbo kit, 212cc engine spark plug, 212cc engine valves, 212cc engine kill switch, 212cc engine gas tank etc.
When there is a problem with your machine, many situations can be solved by replacing the corresponding accessories, please contact us for consultation.

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212cc engine parts

● 212cc engine near me - horizontal shaft engine projects

Beside of 212CC engine, we also have 5.5 hp petrol engine (gasoline engine 5.5 hp), 196cc engine, 9ph petrol engine, 10 hp horizontal shaft engine for sale, 13 hp horizontal shaft engine electric start (188F engine), 420cc engine, 18 hp horizontal shaft engine for sale (460cc engine) etc. for you to choose.
They can power 212cc engine bike, 212cc engine go kart, 212cc engine on bike, 212cc engine water pump, road groovers, cutters, micro tillers, sprayers, threshers, threshing machines, trowels, home generators, water pumps, pressure washers, lawn mowers, marine power and more. You only need to select the corresponding machine for matching use according to different working environments and uses.

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● Our service

We have always maintained a professional and dedicated attitude and are committed to providing the market and users with small and medium-sized convenient general purpose engine power machinery with reliable quality, stable performance and affordable prices.
In addition to selling products, we have a professional technical team to provide users with after-sales technical support, answer questions, and introduce knowledge about troubleshooting, such as engine valve adjustment, air filter maintenance, carburetor oil leakage, engine no spark, engine not starting, etc., so that customers have reliable after-sales service.
We sincerely hope to establish good cooperation with you and create a better future together.