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212cc Engine 170f Engine 8 hp horizontal shaft engine

model:YS170FD   212cc engine price : 65 – 120 USD

212cc engine recoil hand pull start

212cc engine also known as the 170F engine, refers to a single-cylinder four-stroke air-cooled engine with a horizontal output end of 70mm with an engine displacement of 212cc. The 212cc engine horsepower is 8hp.
The 212cc engine for sale uses gasoline as fuel and has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low price, and easy use. It is often used as supporting power for agricultural and forestry plant protection machinery, small agricultural machinery, garden machinery, generator sets, construction machinery, outboard machinery, etc., and occupies an important position in various machinery and equipment.
212cc engine common supporting machinery and equipment include: road grooving machine, cutting machine, micro tiller, sprayer, thresher, threshing machine, trowel, household generator, water pump, high pressure washer, lawn mower, marine power, etc. and you can see 212cc engine bike, 212cc engine go kart, 212cc engine on bike, 212cc engine water pump and so on, they are all powered by ohv gasoline engine.
● OHV power structure, fuel efficient and economical
● Low noise muffler, control to reduce noise, effectively isolate sound transmission
● Professional technology carburetor, low fuel consumption, easy to start, longer battery life
● Special air filter for gasoline engine, not easy to enter ash, easy maintenance
● Steel cam crankshaft, strong bearing, wear-resistant and durable

1) Change 212cc engine oil regularly;
2) Clean the air filter regularly,
3) Operate and maintain the engine according to the 212cc engine manual.

● 212cc engine specs technical data

Engine type Single cylinder, 4-stroke, overhead valve
Bore × stroke(mm) 70×54
Displacement(ml) 212
Start mode Recoil
212cc engine hp (212cc engine power) 7.5
Max. Output (HP/rpm) 7.5/3600
212cc engine speed (power) (rpm) 3600 r/min
Max. Torque (N.m/rpm) 11/2500
212cc engine top speed (torque) (rpm) 2500 r/min
Fuel designation Unleaded gasoline above 90#(GB17930-1999)
Fuel designation ≤374
Fuel tank capacity(L) 3.6
208cc engine oil capacity (L) 0.6
Dimension L×W×H(mm) 415×360×390
Net Weight(kg) 16

Kindly note: we can add electric start kit to make it become 212cc engine with electric start model, please contact us for more details.

● 212cc engine structure diagram

212cc engine kit

● 212cc engine Steps for usage:

1. Check before starting.
● Check 212cc engine carburetor, oil seal, bottom, etc. for oil leakage.
● Dispose of impurities and foreign objects around the muffler, starter, and heat sink.
● Check the appearance, and see whether all nuts, bolts and screws are loose, and tighten them if necessary.
● Check whether the 212cc engine oil is lower than the safety line, the oil alarm system will stop and close if the oil is lower than the safety line.

2. Preparation before starting

1) Fill in an appropriate amount of special oil for gasoline engines; The 212cc engine oil used is: SAE 15 W/40 four-stroke gasoline lubricating oil

2) Add fuel
Open the fuel tank cap and add fuel from the filler hole to the specified height. (Recommended to use 93# unleaded gasoline)

3. Start

  • ● Move the fuel switch to the ON state

  • ● When starting, move the damper handle to the OFF position

  • ● Move the engine valve switch from low speed to high speed

  • ● Slowly pull the starter handle, pull hard when encountering resistance, and then slowly put it back on the handle after starting

  • ● After starting, move the damper handle to the open position

4. Shut down the general purpose engine
Pull the damper handle to the low-speed position, turn the gasoline switch to the off position, and turn off the fuel switch.

Note: It is strictly forbidden to stop engine quickly when it is running at high speed and heavy load, so as not to damage the engine parts.

● 212cc engine horizontal shaft engine uses

We produce and sell various models of small general purpose engine, in addition to the 212CC engine introduced in this article, there are also 5.5 hp petrol engine (gasoline engine 5.5 hp), 196cc engine (gasoline engine 6.5 hp), 9ph petrol engine, 10 hp horizontal shaft engine for sale, 13 hp horizontal shaft engine electric start (188F engine)), 420cc engine, 18 hp horizontal shaft engine for sale (460cc engine) etc.
General purpose engine have a very wide range of applications, and can provide power with a variety of agricultural and forestry machinery, construction machinery, etc., greatly improving people's work and life efficiency, creating more convenience, and being favored and loved by the majority of users.

● 212cc engine parts diagram

In addition to providing high-quality complete engines, we also produce and sell various related accessories, such as 212cc engine performance parts, such as 212cc engine oil, 212cc engine mount, 212cc engine carburetor, 212cc engine camshaft, 212cc engine electric start, 212cc engine flywheel, 212cc engine governor, 212cc engine switch, 212cc engine turbo kit, 212cc engine spark plug, 212cc engine valves, 212cc engine kill switch, 212cc engine gas tank etc.

212cc engine performance parts
212cc engine parts

● About Us

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