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208cc engine general purpose engine 170f engine

model: YS170FB    208cc engine: 60 – 115USD

208cc engine

● What does 208cc engine mean

The 208cc engine refers to a single-cylinder four-stroke air-cooled ohv gasoline engine with an engine displacement of 208cc. Its cylinder block bore is 70mm, so it is also called a 170F engine. The 208cc engine horsepower is 8hp.
208cc engine has the following advantages:
● OHV overhead valve greatly improves combustion efficiency, thereby achieving low fuel consumption.
● Adopt high-quality muffler to effectively reduce noise
● Thickened cylinder body is used to prevent cylinder explosion and rupture
● High-quality carburetor, low fuel consumption, less failure, durable
● The recoil-type hand-starting pull plate, the handle fits the palm of the hand, which is ergonomic and easy to start without effort
● Forced air cooling, the air-cooled engine is easy to start, easy to run, and has strong adaptability to the environment
● Adopt advanced energy-saving technology to automatically control power speed, thus greatly reducing fuel consumption

power fist 208cc engine
196cc engine
briggs & stratton 208cc engine

Use of 208cc engine
This type of ohv gasoline engine like the 208CC engine is called a general small gasoline engine by the industry, abbreviated as a general purpose engine. It is very versatile and is often used to power agricultural and forestry machinery, small agricultural machinery, construction machinery, outboard machinery, etc. For example: tiller, sprayer, thresher, trowel, household generator, electric welder, water pump, washing machine, hand-held chainsaw, lawn mower, etc. There are various styles and models, and there is always one that can meet your needs.

● Powermore 208cc engine specs technical data

Engine type Single cylinder、4-stroke、overhead valve
Bore × stroke(mm) 70×54
Displacement(ml) 208
Start mode Electric
Max. Output (HP/rpm) 7.5/3600
208cc engine speed (power) (rpm) 3600 r/min
Max. Torque (N.m/rpm) 11/2500
208cc engine top speed (torque) (rpm) 2500 r/min
Fuel designation Unleaded gasoline above 90#(GB17930-1999)
Fuel designation ≤374
Fuel tank capacity(L) 3.6
208cc engine oil capacity (L) 0.6
Dimension L×W×H(mm) 415×360×390
Net Weight(kg) 16

● 208cc engine structure diagram

ducar 208cc engine

● 208cc engine details show

  • 1 Exhaust. It is in a high temperature state when working, please do not touch

  • 2) Oil filling port. Four-stroke gasoline engine oil must be added before use

  • 3) Turn off switch. Please make sure to turn it to ON position before starting

  • 4) Oil dipstick. Add 0.6L four-stroke gasoline engine oil before use

  • 5) Pulleys. A variety of styles are available

  • 6) Four-stroke power recoil starter puller. When starting, gently pull the handle until it encounters resistance, then pull it hard

● 208cc engine horizontal shaft engine uses

We produce various models of small gasoline engines, such as 208CC engine, 8hp horizontal shaft enhine, 196cc engine (gasoline engine 6.5 hp), 9ph petrol engine, 10 hp horizontal shaft engine for sale, 13 hp horizontal shaft engine electric start (188F engine)), 420cc engine, 18 hp horizontal shaft engine for sale (460cc engine) etc. It is suitable for agricultural machinery and construction machinery such as 208cc engine snowblower, threshing machine, spraying machine, disinfection machine, micro tiller, cutting machine, water pump and so on. You can consult us for the selection of corresponding products.

horizontal shaft engine uses

● 208cc engine parts

In order to provide better after-sales service to our customers, we also manufacture and sell various engine accessories,such as 208cc engine carburetor, 208cc engine ignition coil, 208cc engine oil, 208cc engine spark plug, 208cc engine air filter, 208cc engine gas tank, 208cc engine governor etc., and we also sell machines powered by our general purpose engine, such as trak barrow, tiller, concrete mixer, and so on. welcome to contact us for purchase and consultation.

208cc engine parts

● Our service

In addition to 208cc engine manual, our technical team will also provide our customers with some professional technical support, problem solving and troubleshooting knowledge, such as 208cc engine troubleshooting, 208cc engine oil change, 208cc engine valve adjustment, 208cc engine governor adjustment, 208cc engine won't start, air filter maintenance, carburetor oil leakage, etc., so that customers can buy and use our products with confidence.