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8051 development board (STC32G12K128)

● 8051 Development Board Overview

The 8051 development board (STC32G12K128) is a cost-effective STC32 development platform for beginners. Its main control chip is STC32G12K128. It has on-board resources commonly used for learning microcontrollers (including download circuits, user buttons, and user LEDs). The interface of commonly used sensors is also onboard, which can be connected to many commonly used sensors. Users can also expand more applications through the derived IO.

Function and positioning:
● Learn microcontroller hardware circuit design.
● Learn to program microcontrollers in C language, including peripherals, sensors and wireless communication modules.
● Learn the development of IoT-related applications.

8051 development board
best 8051 development board

● 8051 Development Board Features

8051 development board function

板载红外接收 Onboard infrared receiver
双type-c通信下载接口 Dual type-c communication download interface
预留外部晶振接口 Reserved external crystal oscillator interface
板载串口触摸屏接口 Onboard serial port touch screen interface
板载外部复位电路 On-board external reset circuit
板载2位数码管 Onboard 2-digit digital tube
舵机/CAN接口 Servo/CAN interface
外部电路EEPROM External circuit EEPROM

● 8051 Development Board Datasheet

8051 development board (STC32G12K128)
Operating Voltage 1.9V ~ 5.5V Comparator (can be used as external power-down detection) 1
On-chip high-precision R/C clock 5MHz~ 33MHz A/D 15 channels 12 bits
Main frequency speed 1T 15-bit PWM 8 way
On-chip high-reliability reset circuit have CCP -
128K bytes 128K bytes USB 1
SRAM 12K bytes RTC 1
Online Simulation Function support 12C 1 way
DMA (support ADC/SPI/UART, etc.) external interrupt INT external interrupt INT 5
Serial port 4 All IOs support interrupts support
timer 5 interrupt source 53
DPTR 2 interrupt priority level 4
watchdog 1 Maximum number of I/Q 44 (LQFP48)
Synchronous Serial Peripheral SPI 1

● 8051 Development Board Function Introduction

components of 8051 development board

下载按键 download button
工作电源选择    Working power selection
5V电源输入输出    5V power input and output
3.3V/2.5V电源输入输出    3.3V/2.5V power input and output
测试珠   test beads
工作电源指示   灯 Working power indicator
4芯通用接口   4-core universal interface
ADC参考电压选择   ADC reference voltage selection
预留外接晶振焊盘   Reserved for external crystal oscillator pads
蓝牙BLE无线模块接口   Bluetooth BLE wireless module interface
P1/P3/P5口    P1/P3/P5 port
串口触摸屏接口    Serial touch screen interface
DHT11/DS18B20接口   DHT11/DS18B20 interface
ADC用电位器   Potentiometer for ADC
STC32G12K128主芯片   STC32G12K128 main chip
跳线(功能选择/引脚复用)    Jumper (function selection/pin multiplexing)
4个用户LED   4 user LEDs
3个用户按键   3 user buttons
复位按键   reset button
ESP8266模块接口    ESP8266 module interface

USB(供电/串口下载通信)    USB (power supply/serial port download communication)
电源开关    switch
DC002电源座    DC002 power socket
RS485接口   RS485 interface
下载通信指示灯    Download Communication Indicator
USB(供电/USB下载通信)    USB (power supply/USB download communication)
下载接口选择    Download Interface Selection
红外接收    Infrared receiver
LCD12864屏串/并口选择    LCD12864 screen serial/parallel port selection
P0/P2/P4口    P0/P2/P4 port
USB下载选择    USB download option
OLED屏/电子墨水屏接口    OLED screen/electronic ink screen interface
LCD1602/LCD12864屏接口    LCD1602/LCD12864 screen interface
外部EEPROM    External EEPROM
2位数码管    2 digital tube
LCD1602/LCD12864屏对比度调节    LCD1602/LCD12864 screen contrast adjustment
外部FLASH/FRAM/TF卡模块接口   External FLASH/FRAM/TF card module interface
有源蜂鸣器   active buzzer
舵机/CAN接口   Servo/CAN interface
nRF24L01模块接    nRF24L01 module interface

● 8051 Development Board Diagram

8051 Development Board Diagram

● Buy 8051 Development Board

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● 8051 Development Board Price

The 8051 development board price is varies according to its functions. Our 8051 development board STC32G12K128 has four configurations (basic version, standard version, advanced version, and high-end version), you can choose according to your needs, welcome to contact us to get the price.
● Basic version

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● Standard version

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● Advanced version

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● High-end version

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