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Troubleshooting and precautions of tea pouch packing machine

Tea pouch packing machine can be used to package all types of tea leaves, such as black tea, green tea, Tie Guan Yin, rock tea, and other strip-shaped or granular-shaped teas. It can also be used to package small hardware items, buttons, nuts, medicinal herbs, seeds, cereal grains, traditional Chinese medicine particles, chili powder, and more. The machine provides fast, stable, and accurate packaging.

tea pouch packing machine

◆ Features of tea pouch packing machine

● As a multi-functional machine, the tea pouch packing machine has been carefully researched and designed by excellent engineers. It adopts microcomputer and photoelectric technology for precise control, high accuracy, fast speed, good quality, and stable operation. It solves the tedious packaging process of traditional tea packaging.
● An automatic weighing and packing machine is equivalent to the labor of several workers, making it a great helper for tea production and tea shops. This green tea pouch packing machine does not produce broken bits during the packaging process, overcoming problems caused by varying sizes of tea particles that result in large packaging errors. The machine is made with an environmentally friendly, stainless steel channel that is safe and hygienic.
● The tea pouch packing machine for sale has a dual shock-absorbing structure, ensuring stable operation with low noise. It has a small size and light weight, and adopts inclined feeding to prevent material from being squeezed and damaged during transportation. This makes it particularly suitable for packaging fragile materials.
● The machine can display the packaging weight and number of packages, adjust the packaging speed, and set a weight overload alarm.

◆ Common faults and troubleshooting methods

1. When the tea packing machine is just started, or when the tea is replaced or the packaging speed is reselected, the first few packages may have an error value that exceeds the error range (usually 0.2 grams). This is the computer detecting the quality of your tea particles. Please do not worry. Occasionally, overweight phenomena may occur during the packaging process, which may be due to excessively large particles in your tea. Please pick out the coarse tea particles. In addition, the tea pouch packing machine can adjust the packaging speed according to different tea qualities, usually selecting the speed based on the size of the tea particles. For example, you can choose "fast" for Tie Guan Yin and oolong tea, "medium" for black tea and Jin Jun Mei, and "slow" for green tea and rock tea.
2. The tea bag pouch packing machine produces too much noise during operation
Please check whether the safety screw at the bottom of the tea bag pouch packing machine has been removed and whether the workbench where the equipment is placed is flat and sturdy (Note: An unstable workbench can affect the accuracy of the equipment).
3. The weight is inaccurate during packaging.
Please check whether the workbench of the tea pouch packing machine is placed stably and whether there are other electrical equipment nearby that may cause vibrations.
4. In the packaging process, if there is a shortage of materials or tea blockage, the tea pouch packing machine will emit a beeping alarm sound.
At this point, the machine will stop working and enter standby mode. Please check the material storage capacity. If there is a shortage of materials, please add tea leaves to continue packaging. If the tea is blocked, it may be due to your tea stem being too long or the tea leaves being damp, causing the feeding port to be blocked. Please open the inspection port at the top of the tea bag pouch packing machine, clean the blockage and replace the tea leaves, and then repackage.

tea pouch packing machine for sale

◆ Precautions for production

1. Before each startup, check and observe for any abnormalities around the tea pouch packing machine.
2. Before each startup, carefully check whether the fasteners of pouch packing machine and other pouch packing machine parts are properly tightened and in normal standby mode.
3. Do not approach or touch the moving parts of the tea pouch packing machine with your body, hands, or head during operation.
4. Do not insert hands or tools into the sealing seat while the machine is running.
5. When the machine is operating normally, it is strictly prohibited to frequently switch operating buttons and arbitrarily change parameter settings.
6. After the sealing ring on the discharge piston and the lower end of the discharge cylinder of the tea pouch packing machine for sale is worn, replace it in a timely manner.
7. Foreign objects must not be mixed into the filling material. When using materials, if conditions permit, they should be sieved to avoid moldy and lumpy materials as well as mixing of block-shaped, rod-shaped, wire and other items, which may cause inaccurate discharge or cause malfunctions such as jamming or damage to pouch packing machine and spare parts.
8. It is strictly prohibited to raise the discharge mixing barrel of the tea pouch packing machine and cause overload operation. Do not reach into the mixing barrel during feeding, and be careful not to entangle tools and other items in it to avoid danger.
9. It is strictly prohibited to perform maintenance on the tea pouch packing machine while the motor or power supply is connected to avoid electric shock or personal injury accidents.
10. In production work, lubricating oil should be added to the stamping main and sub-shafts and wrist guard shafts on a regular basis, and other pouch packing machine parts should also be oiled regularly.
11. To keep the stainless steel surface of the green tea pouch packing machine shiny, do not use sharp or hard tools to scrape its surface. If contaminated, please wipe it with alcohol.

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