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Maintenance and troubleshooting of fully automatic powder packing machine

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The fully automatic powder packing machine is a device that packages non-flowing powder materials. During its operation, it uses stepper motor subdivision technology to intelligently control the temperature. The measuring screw is driven by a stepper motor, which can accurately weigh the weight of the packaged items. The bag filling accuracy is extremely high and can automatically track and correct errors caused by changes in material specific gravity and level. Nowadays, filler automatic powder packing machine is highly automated and intelligent, and a simple understanding of the powder packing machine knowledge is enough to master such equipment.

Equally important, after buying a powder packing machine, it is necessary to pay attention to its maintenance during daily use, ensuring that the powder filler packing machine operates normally, reducing maintenance costs, and extending the service life of the equipment.

And we will analyze several issues that must be noted during the maintenance of powder packaging machinery.

◆ Lubrication of powder packing machine

The fully automatic powder packing machine is composed of multiple pouch packing machine parts, and every quarter we need to lubricate the gear meshing of each transmission gear, bearing oil injection holes, and various moving pouch packing machine parts with machine oil. This lubrication should be done multiple times during one shift, and the gearbox should not be operated without lubricating oil. When injecting lubricating grease, be careful not to spill the oil on the rotating transmission belt to prevent the belt from deviating or becoming brittle and being damaged.

◆ Maintenance of powder packing machine vertical

1. Before using the small powder packing machine each time, it is necessary to check the pouch packing machine and spare parts screws to ensure that there is no looseness, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the packing machine.
2. Regarding the electrical components of powder packaging machinery, attention should be paid to moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, and fly-proof work to ensure that the electrical control cabinet and wiring terminal blocks are tidy and to prevent electrical equipment failures.
3. After shutdown, the two heat sealers should be in an open position to prevent scorching of the packaging products

◆ Cleaning of used powder packing machine

After shutting down the used powder packing machine, the measuring and calibration part should be cleaned immediately to ensure that the sealing texture of the packaging products is clear. The heat sealers should be cleaned frequently and any scattered raw materials should be promptly cleaned up to maintain the cleanliness of the pouch packing machine and spare parts and extend its service life. At the same time, the dust inside the electrical control cabinet should be cleaned regularly to prevent electrical equipment failures such as short circuits or loose connections.

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◆ Common fault analysis of fully automatic powder packing machine

It is reasonable that fully automatic powder packing machine occasionally experiences malfunctions during long periods of operation. Therefore, pouch packing machine operators need to have some understanding of these malfunctions in order to handle them better in emergency situations. The following are common malfunctions of fully automatic powder packing machine and their solutions.
1. When fully automatic powder packing machine is operating, there is a large deviation in the bag cutting position.
Cause: There is a large gap between the photoelectric eye and the color mark, the color mark positioning is malfunctioning, and the photoelectric tracking compensation is out of control.
Solution: In such a situation, the position of the photoelectric switch can be readjusted first. If this does not work, clean the forming mould and insert the packaging material into the guide plate. Adjust the position of the guide plate so that the light spot coincides exactly with the center of the color mark.
2. During the packaging process, the paper supply motor of fully automatic powder packing machine may become stuck and not turn or turn uncontrollably.
This is a common malfunction that can occur during the use of powder packaging machinery. In this case, first check if the paper supply control rod is jammed, if the starting capacitor is damaged, if the fuse has problem, and then replace them according to the inspection results.
3. The packaging bag is not sealed properly.
This phenomenon not only wastes materials but also poses a risk of pollution to powder packaging machinery and the workshop environment since the materials are powders that can easily scatter. If this problem occurs, first check whether the packaging material complies with relevant regulations and remove any counterfeit packaging materials. Then, try adjusting the sealing pressure and increasing the heat sealing temperature of powder filling and packing machine.
4. Fully automatic powder packing machine does not pull the bag, and the bag-pulling motor malfunctions.
The causes of this problem are generally related to circuit issues, damage to the bag-pulling proximity switch, controller malfunction, or problems with the stepper motor driver. To solve this problem, a step-by-step troubleshooting and replacement process is necessary.
5. During the operation, if the packaging material is torn by powder packing machine, it is necessary to check the motor circuit and see if the proximity switch is damaged.

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As a type of mechanical equipment, fully automatic powder packing machine is prone to malfunctions and issues after prolonged use. If this happens, do not panic. You can refer to our ARTICLES section for relevant troubleshooting methods or directly contact us and describe the specific symptoms of the malfunction. We will do our best to provide support and assistance. Meanwhile, we also recommend that our users learn more about the precautions for using and maintaining packaging machines. You can refer to articles such as "powder packing machine working principle and precautions for use"and "Use and maintenance of powder packing machine".