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How to quickly detect the common faults and do pouch packing machine repair

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Vertical pouch packing machine has a small footprint, complete functions, and simple operation, which has brought great convenience to the packaging industry. However, no matter how good and stable the machine is, it is inevitable to experience malfunctions. Customers who encounter these problems may be very annoyed. In fact, as long as you find the source of the malfunction of pouch packing machines, and then deal with it step by step, you can easily solve it. Many times, malfunctions of vertical pouch packing machine are caused by improper use or maintenance by pouch packing machine operators. And we will share with you some common malfunctions that may occur in vertical pouch packing machine, as well as how to quickly detect and do pouch packing machine repair.

◆ The senor of the small automatic pouch packing machine is uneven, resulting in non-standard bags

When the sensor of the automatic pouch packing machine is working improperly and causing deviation, resulting in non-standard bag length, we can check the following aspects:
(1) Check if the packaging film is normal.
(2) Check if there are any foreign objects on the fiber optic head.
(3) Check if the bag length is normal and controlled by the fiber optic sensor.
(4) Check the distance and position between the fiber optic head and the packaging film.
(5) Check if there are any foreign objects at the collar of the bag maker of the small automatic pouch packing machine.
(6) Check if the rear film is not tightened, causing it to fall off or deviate.
(7) Check if the belts of the pouch packing machine for sale are slipping.

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◆ The cutter of the automatic pouch packing machine is not working properly, and the bags are not falling off

When the automatic pouch filling packing machine is unable to cut off the packaging bag, we can check and solve the problem from the following aspects:
(1) The cutter is not sharp and needs to be sharpened;
(2) The cutter has a short working time;
(3) The electromagnetic action of the cutter is not flexible;
(4) The horizontal sealing action is not stable;
(5) There are foreign objects in the slot cut by the horizontal sealing cutter.
(6) The shape of the cutter tip is not good;
(7) The temperature of the horizontal sealing device is too high;
(8) There are foreign objects at the horizontal sealing position;
(9) The coordination between the cutter and the horizontal sealing delay is not good;
(10) Whether the electromagnetic valve is working properly;
(11) Whether there is a cutter installed;
(12) Whether the cutter cylinder is working properly.

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◆ Unable to pull down the packaging film

If the packaging film cannot be pulled down or the operation is not smooth during the operation of the small automatic pouch packing machine, we suggest checking the following pouch packing machine parts:
1. Check if the timing belt has a leakage phenomenon.
2. Check if there are any foreign objects in the collar of the automatic spice pouch packing machine.
3. Check if any of the guide rollers are jammed.
4. Check if the film feeding motor is working properly.
5. Check if the high-temperature adhesive tape is damaged.
6. Check if the film pulling motor is working properly.
7. Check if the driver reading is normal.
8. Check if the bag length is correct.
9. Check if the light spot is normal.
10. Check if the air supply of the air compressor is normal.
11. Check if the supporting foot of the bag maker is too wide.

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◆ Sealing not up to standard

Pouch packing machines may have sealing issues, which can be divided into two types: failure to seal and deformation of the seal. We will explain them separately below.
Sealing failure
(1) If the sealing is not successful, check the temperature and gradually increase it.
(2) Check if the heating plate is intact.
(3) Check if the position of the front and back cutter seats is appropriate.
(4) Check if there are any foreign objects in the cutter seat, and clean it.
(5) Check if the air pressure is normal.
(6) Check if there is any folding in the packaging film.
(7) Check if the movement of the seal holder is smooth.
(8) Check if the packaging inner film is intact, and whether it is too thick (the thickness of the packaging film is generally 0.04-0.08mm).

2. Sealing deformation
(1) The temperature is too high and the sealing will not be formed or will melt.
(2) The packaging film is not aligned and deviates.

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