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How to choose the model of granule packing machine

The granule packing machine is suitable for the quantitative packaging of various granular materials, such as grain particles, rubber particles, plastic particles, fertilizer particles, feed particles, chemical particles, building material particles, metal particles, and other granular materials. Due to its fast packaging speed and high packaging accuracy, granule pouch packing machine has been widely applied in various fields such as agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, food, and daily chemicals. It is a very widely used type of packing machine.
There are many types of granule weighing & packing machine in the market, and many food processing manufacturers often feeling at a loss when choosing equipment, not knowing how to choose a suitable granule packing machine. Here, we have sorted out some knowledge about how to choose the model of granule packing machine, hoping to help you.

semi automatic granule packing machine

1. Choose according to the production capacity requirements and budget of your product.
If your procurement budget is not very high and the production capacity is not very large, you can choose the semi-automatic pouch packing machine.
The working process of semi automatic pouch packing machine is as follows:
add the materials to the packaging machine storage hopper → set the required packaging weight (or call related parameters) → set related technical parameters → materials enter the weighing hopper for measurement → manually feed the bag → complete the measurement.
When using the semi automatic pouch packing machine for product packaging, you need to arrange for manual feeding and then use a separate sealing machine for bag sealing, which incurs higher labor costs.

2. According to the number of weighing hoppers, this machine model is divided into single-hopper semi automatic pouch packing machine and multi-hopper semi automatic pouch packing machine (choose flexibly according to your production capacity, the more weighing hoppers, and the faster the packaging speed).
3. According to the different measurement range (weight per bag), it can be divided into small scale, medium scale, and large scale. You can choose according to your own packaging range.
4. If you have a large production capacity and sufficient budget, we recommend that you choose the fully automatic pouch packing machine, which can automatically complete the packaging process of bag making, measuring, discharging, sealing, cutting, counting, etc. It can also be configured with functions such as cursor positioning and batch number printing according to customer needs.

multi-hopper  semi automatic pouch packing machine
fully automatic granule packing machine

5. If you want to use pre-made bags for product packaging, you should choose the automatic premade pouch packaging machine.This type of automatic granule packing machine can perform a series of actions from bag taking, filling, sealing, and date printing, completely replacing manual labor, greatly improving work efficiency. It can also add a Z-shaped feeder and operating platform according to needs, further increasing the degree of production automation and improving packaging efficiency. According to the number of working stations, this granule pouch packing machine is divided into single-station and multi-station. The multi-station machine is equivalent to multiple single-station machines working simultaneously, with higher efficiency.

automatic premade pouch packaging machine
eight stations  automatic premade pouch packaging machine

6. In addition to the mentioned granule pouch packing machine, you can also choose the automatic granule packing machine with automatic film feeding and bag making. This machine uses packaged film in rolls and can complete bag making, filling, date printing, and other processes at one time. Different models are available based on the width of the packaging film, such as 420mm, 520mm, 720mm, etc., enabling the production of bags with different widths.

Please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp. You can tell us about your packaging requirements (such as what products you want to package, production capacity, whether you will be using pre-made packaging bags or bags made by the pouch packing machine, bag size, weight per bag, etc.). We will provide you with suitable packaging solutions, recommend automatic granule packing machines that fit your needs, and pouch packing machine knowledges such as Maintenance of Automatic Pouch Packing Machine.

Pre-made bag automatic granule packing machine