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Common problems and solutions of automatic pouch packing machine

automatic pouch packing machine

In the daily use of automatic pouch packing machine, there are often many problems such as packaging materials pull off, uneven packaging film, poor sealing of packaging bags, and inaccurate positioning of color marks. Also, due to the limited technical ability of the packaging machine operator, the packaging machine often fails to work normally. Let's take a look at the common faults of the automatic pouch packing machine, as well as the reasons and solutions of these faults.

◆ Packaging material is pulled off

1. The packaging material has joints or rough edges with excessive fracture marks.
2. The packaging material supply motor circuit is faulty, or there is poor contact in the circuit.
3. The packaging material supply proximity switch is damaged.
1. Remove the unqualified packaging material pieces.
2. Inspect the packaging material supply motor circuit.
3. Replace the packaging material supply proximity switch.

◆ The bag is not sealed tightly

1. The inner layer of the packaging material is uneven.
2. The sealing pressure is uneven.
3. The sealing temperature is low.
1. Remove unqualified packaging materials.
2. Adjust the sealing pressure.
3. Increase the heat sealing temperature.

◆ Sealing bag air leaks

During the use of the automatic pouch filling packing machine, sometimes there will be air leakage. There are many reasons for air leakage, and we must solve them according to the actual situation. It can be analyzed from the following aspects:
1. What is the material of the packaging bag?
2. What is the pressure of horizontal and vertical sealing, how many marks are there on the seal, and whether there are any wrinkles, what is the sealing temperature?
3. Is the seal inflated? What is the inflation pressure?
4. The material is light, and it will be attached to the bag maker after the dust is raised.
5. Electrostatic influence
During the use of the automatic pouch packing machine, some dust will stick to the mouth of the bag after the material is loaded into the bag, which will affect the sealing quality. Therefore, wipe off the powder on the seal before the automatic pouch packing machine seals and adjust the appropriate sealing temperature and sealing time, so that the seal of the powder packaging machine will be firm and beautiful.

In addition, some dust will stick to the sealing head of the fully automatic pouch packing machine. Therefore, after the machine is used for a period of time, we should brush off the dust on the sealing head to ensure a firm seal.

The automatic pouch packing machine can be used to pack materials with a relatively large amount of powder, and it can also ensure a beautiful bag shape. However, the seal may not be tight, resulting in leakage of powder, loss of materials and packaging bags, and increasing the total cost of each enterprise. Especially for powder pouch automatic packing machine, the lack of strict sealing is a big difficulty for the automatic pouch packing machine manufacturers in the field of packaging machinery.

powder pouch automatic packing machine

We (YANSUMI) have broken through this problem, and have carried out technological innovation in every important link from metering to sealing, and fully sealed every connection from the hopper to the metering screw to reduce the leakage of dust. The new innovative design makes the materials to enter the packaging bags safely and stably, coupled with the effective dust removal structure, the dust escape of the materials has been completely solved, and the sealing of the packaging bags has been recognized and praised by users. If you need more technological information about automatic pouch packing machine, such as Basic Maintenance and repair Knowledge of powder packing machine, Welcome to contact us for more discussion.