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Basic Maintenance and repair Knowledge of powder packing machine

fully automatic powder packing machine

With the improvement of automation technology, various types of pouch packing machine have emerged, such as the filler automatic powder packing machine, and people's lives are now heavily reliant on them.
In special environments, the powder packing machine often experiences phenomena such as wear, looseness, and rust between parts, which affects its overall capacity. Therefore, maintenance is essential to maintain the normal performance of the pouch packing machine, and repair provides assurance to restore performance when necessary. This requires strengthening the training of pouch packing machine operator and maintenance personnel, conducting timely inspections, and standardizing procedures to establish certain standards so that maintenance becomes a habit.
So, how should we maintain the powder packing machine after using it for a long time? This article mainly introduces the basic maintenance and repair knowledge of powder packing machines.

◆ Common knowledge about maintenance and repair of powder packing machine

1. Common knowledge
Fully automatic powder packing machine Common maintenance methods include:
● The powder packing machine should be kept clean inside and out, with no oil stains or foreign objects on the sliding surfaces, oil holes and other parts. There should be no leaks of water, oil or air from any part, and any debris or dirt around the equipment should be cleaned thoroughly.
● It should be oiled or have the oil changed regularly, with no dry friction, bright instrumentation, smooth oil passages, and the oil quality rating should meet the requirements of use.
● The tools, accessories, electrical cabinets, and wiring should be neat and orderly, with electrical and induction components kept dry and free of dust.
We would like to remind our customers that after you buy a powder packing machine; it is important to pay attention to its regular maintenance and repair to ensure the normal operation of the powder granule packing machine and increase the service life of the equipment.
2. Basic repair
Regarding the repair of weighing powder packing machine, the following aspects can be paid attention to:
● When the high-temperature cloth of the weighing powder packing machine is damaged, first loosen the four fixing screws that secure the high-temperature cloth. Then turn the rotation rod to roll up the burnt high-temperature cloth forwards or backwards, and finally tighten the fixing screws.
● Sometimes, all four surfaces of the up and down glue pressing device can be used. If any surface is found to be damaged during use, please replace it with another surface immediately.
● When the seal is damaged, remove the high-temperature cloth above it first. Then use a screwdriver to loosen the screws that fix the electrode cover, take it down, lift the electrode pressing rod, and loosen the fixing screws of the seal. In this way, the seal can be easily removed. Then, install the new seal on both electrodes by inserting it into them and tightening the fixing screws. Finally, put back the electrode covers and secures it with screws, and the replacement of the seal is completed.
● If the powder packing machine powder filling machine is not used for 3-5 months, some parts of the pouch packing machine, such as the high-temperature cloth, glue pressing device, and seal may have local damage. Therefore, it's recommended to prepare an adequate amount of vulnerable spare parts pouch packing machine spare parts in advance, and maintain the powder granule packing machine regularly during normal use.

◆ Application of powder packing machine

With the increasing development of food, household appliances, medicine, and light industry products, packaging has become an essential factor, and the demand for pouch packing machines is growing day by day. The fully automatic powder packing machine is suitable for the automated quantitative packaging of powders with good fluidity, such as seasoning powder, collagen powder, solid drinks, soy milk powder, chemical powder, veterinary medicine powder, and other products.

Application of powder packing machine

1. spice powder packing machine
The spice powder packing machine automatically completes a series of actions such as bag making, material measurement, filling, sealing, coding, limited shutdown, fixed bag cutting, etc. Therefore, more and more seasoning manufacturers choose to use the spice powder packing machine for packaging. Especially in a spice-rich country like India, the spice powder packing machine is widely used, and you can see many powder packing machines in India and Sri Lanka.
● powder packing machine in india
Basic spices are widely used in Indian cuisine and are almost essential for daily cooking. They are typically in powder form, which is why powder packing machines are often used in India as turmeric powder packing machines, red chili powder packing machines, curry powder packing machines, onion powder packing machines, and more.
Our pouch packing machines are also offered to local masala powder packing machine manufacturer. The machine produced by our company can automatically complete a series of packaging processes such as filling, packaging, sealing, and cutting, which not only improves production efficiency but also avoids material contamination caused by manual packaging. And they are highly favored by local users.
● powder packing machine sri lanka
Sri Lanka is also famous for its spices, especially red chili, pepper, cinnamon, and other spices commonly used in daily dishes. Therefore, local spice manufacturers use powder packing machines as chilli powder packing machines in Sri Lanka to package their products. In addition to supplying to the local market, the packaged products are also exported to other countries.
Sri Lankans have a wide range of applications for spices, not only in food to adjust and enhance flavor, but also in cosmetics, health products, and medical treatments. This has created a significant demand for powder filler packing machine in the market.

powder filler packing machine application

2. food powder packing machine
Filler automatic powder packing machine are also widely used in the food industry, such as for packing flour, rice powder packing machine, jaggery powder packing machine, yeast powder packing machine etc. Food powder packaging machine can efficiently complete all processing steps including feeding, measuring, bag making, sealing, and more, which can replace manual packaging. These machines have fast packaging speed and high accuracy. In addition, some products with large volume and weight are very difficult and dangerous to be manually packed. Moreover, some products in the processing may produce smoke, radioactive substances, or irritating substances, which may be harmful to the human body. Filler automatic powder packing machine can effectively solve these problems.

food powder packing machine application

3. powder drink packaging machine
With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's consumption concepts and levels have also undergone significant changes and upgrades. In this context, powdered drinks that are convenient to carry and use have become increasingly popular. The powdered drink industry has also experienced rapid development, leading to an increasing demand for powder packing machines among powdered drink manufacturers. Coffee powder packing machine, auto tea powder packing machine, fruit powder packing machine, and others have become best-selling products in the market. If you are a powdered drink manufacturer or interested in entering this industry, purchasing a powder drink packaging machine would be a good choice for you.

In addition to the applications mentioned above, powder packing machines can also be used in industries such as nutrition and health care, daily necessities, and chemical engineering. They can be used as herb powder packing machines, collagen powder packing machines, glucose powder packing machines, washing powder packing machines, detergent powder packing machines, bleaching powder packing machines, and more. The uses of powder packing machines are extremely wide-ranging. If your product is not within the range we introduced, there is no need to worry. Just contact us for communication and confirmation. We will definitely provide you with a suitable packaging machine.