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Tube End Forming Machine

tube end forming machine

Tube end forming machine, also named as hydraulic pipe punching machine, it uses hydraulic transmission to drive the punch to change the geometry of a tube or make holes in a tube.

Tube end forming machine can operate on a variety of pipe types:
Square tube punch V port; Flat tube punch diamond hole; Round pipe punching round hole; Angle steel thrust; Pipe punching; Pipe arc opening; Square pipe cutting Angle; Pipe punching ; Channel steel thrust.

● Specifications

Tube punching machine model Sizemm Weight Motor power Limit stroke mm Machining thicknessmm
YS-R080 800*560*1300 200kg 3KW 80 1.5-2.0
YS-R100 800*560*1350 300kg 4KW 100 2.0-3.0
YS-R125 1000*800*1550 450kg 5.5KW 125 3.0-5.0
YS-R125-2 1180*700*1600 500kg 7.5kw r 150 5.0-6.5
YS-R080 830*630*1350 300kg 3.0KW 80 1.5-2.0
YS-R100 6500*1200*1400 1000kg 7.5kw 100 2.0-3.0
hydraulic pipe punching machine

● Features

Thickened hydraulic cylinder

Thickened hydraulic cylinder
The high-quality thickened hydraulic cylinder is safe, stable, sturdy in interface, durable, and has undergone tens of thousands of high-temperature and high-pressure stroke tests, making it reliable and safe.

Pure copper motor

Pure copper motor
The pure copper rotor coil is efficient, quiet, energy-saving, stable, and not easy to overheat. It has a higher power efficiency conversion, a greater force for the hydraulic cylinder stroke, and is faster, more stable, and safer.

Foot switch

Foot switch
Enlarging the foot switch, designed according to people’s working habits, saving time and effort;

Sensitive induction controller

Sensitive induction controller
The sensitive cylinder process control sensor is efficient and durable, quick and accurate, with an induction error of less than 0.01 millimeters. The adjustability efficiency is several times higher than other products on the market.

Thickened precision steel frame

Thickened precision steel frame
The main body precision steel frame of tube hole punching machine is made of thickened alloy precision solid plate the thickest frame can reach 3-4 centimeters, with high-precision welding and superior product technology that has been tested over the long term.

High-precision pressure gauge

High-precision pressure gauge
The high-precision pressure gauge allows for real-time viewing of the hydraulic cylinder stroke pressure index and stable readings of the engineering status.

● Shipping and after-sale service

As one of tube bending machine, cold cut metal saw, and tube end forming machine manufacturers in China, we have rich experience in loading to ensure time of product loading and our own freight forwarding agente, which not only guarantees the time of transportation, but also strives for the most favorable freight, so that you can receive the hydraulic tube end forming machines without worry.

We have a strong sales team to provide high-quality and fast professional services for our customers. We have a professional technical team, as well as a complete range of pipe punching machine with punching dies, to bring you a comfortable shopping experience, solve technical problems for you, and ensure that you have no worries before and after sales.

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● Applications

Pipe end forming machine can punch 5,000-6,000 holes a day and is currently the fastest equipment for processing stainless steel, iron pipes, aluminum alloy pipes, and copper pipes. Our company can customize multi-position equipment according to customer requirements, with simple and convenient mold opening, stable molds, and easy operation for beginners.

Pipe end forming machine has smooth and burr-free round arcs, accurate positioning, and can be used for stamping various pipes such as guardrails, shelves, and climbing frames. Metal pipe punching machine can be widely used in punching and forming guardrails, guardrail gunpoints, shelves, climbing frames, various shoes, stainless steel pipes, aluminum alloy pipes, iron pipes, galvanized pipes, and other curved pipes and blocks.

Tube end forming machinery is widely used in aerospace, automotive, locomotive, motorcycle, shipbuilding, petrochemical, electric power, natural gas, nuclear industry, and other industries, and hydraulic tube end forming machines can also be used for processing pipe fittings in boilers, vehicles, fitness equipment, air conditioning and refrigeration, sports goods, and other industries.

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● Precautions for using rond and square tube punching machine

1, Pay attention to equipment abnormalities
When starting tube punching machine, always observe for displacement or abnormal noise and promptly resolve any issues. At the same time, check whether the pneumatic part of the punching machine is clamped and separated flexibly, ensure that the pneumatic effect can be freely sucked and pulled, ensure that the nozzle does not leak air, and ensure that the transmission, connection, lubrication, and protective safety devices of the punching machine are normal.

2, Maintain a safe and clean working environment
During the operation of tube punching machine, the operator strictly follows the correct steps and ensures safe operation. After the punching machine has finished working, the power should be cut off immediately, and the machine tool and working environment should be cleaned in a timely manner. Persistence and maintenance are key to the long-term operation of the arc starter.

3, Pay attention to daily maintenance
Daily maintenance includes keeping the surface of pipe punching machine clean, ensuring that the machine body is free of debris, wiping the surface clean and applying rust-proof oil if the machine has been shut down for a long time. Lubricating oil should also be regularly injected into the slider to keep the chromatographic column surface clean. Change the oil regularly at night and preferably once a year. The first oil change should not exceed three months.

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● Maintenance measures of hydraulic tube punching machine

1. Lubricating oil needs to be applied regularly to the moving parts.

2, Regularly clean the dust and debris from the motor fan blades and control box.

3, The filter in the oil tank should be cleaned and replaced regularly.

4, Regularly check the quality of the oil in the oil tank. If the quality is not up to standard, it should be promptly replaced with qualified oil.

5, If steel tube punching machine continuously experiences abnormal conditions during operation, timely repairs should be made.

6, Regular maintenance of steel pipe end forming machine by engineering professionals should be scheduled.

hydraulic tube punching machine