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Summary of flow wrap machine troubleshooting

The small flow wrap machine is widely used in various packaging industries for its excellent packaging performance. However, during prolonged use, small flow wrap machine may encounter some faults, which can cause inconvenience and reduce work efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to further explore flow wrap machine troubleshooting, flow wrap machine repair and maintenance.

small flow wrap machine

In chapters of the flow wrap machine manual, we have detailed descriptions of the structure, performance, operation , troubleshooting and repair , and maintenance for the small flow wrap machine.
In the article “Common Flow Wrap Machine Troubleshooting”, we also introduced the causes and solutions for flow wrap machines common specific faults in more detail. In this article, we will summarize the common faults, causes, and solutions for flow wrap packing machine used, so that you can understand them more clearly.

No. Fault Phenomenon Fault Cause Solution
1 Film run 1. flow wrap machine film is not centered;
2. The film tension is not properly adjusted;
1. Adjust the fine-tuning hand wheel to the center;
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2 Inconsistent bag length or position caused by misaligned color-mark sensor
2. The film tension is not properly adjusted;
1. Length is inaccurate;
2. The active feed roller is too dirty;
3. The sensor has no response;
1. Reset the film length;
2. Clean the dirt on the roller;
3. Check the color mark and adjust the sensitivity knob between the sensor and the film (the sensor goes off when aligned with the color mark, and lights up when moved away)
3 Cutting blade cutting into the material The cut holder is too high or too low Adjust the height of the cut holder so that the cut is in the middle position of the material height.
4 longitudinal sealing air leakage 1. Insufficient or excessive temperature;
2. Poor quality packaging film;
3. The gap between the pressure roller is too loose or too tight;
1. Adjust the temperature to a suitable level;
2. Replace the packaging film;
3. Adjust the gap between the pressure rollers
5 Transverse sealing air leakage, film breakage 1. Insufficient or excessive temperature;
2. Unclean blade holder;
3. Poor quality packaging film;
4. Misalignment of upper and lower blade holders
1. Adjust the temperature to a suitable level;
2. Clean the dirt on the blade holder;
3. Replace the flow wrap machine film;
4. Re-adjust the blade holder
6 Panel displays alarm 1. No signal from the cutter proximity switch;
2. No signal from the color mark sensor
3. Film feeding servo alarm
4. Cutter servo alarm
5. Maladjusted color mark sensor;
6. No packaging film;
1. Check the cutter proximity switch, or replace the proximity switch;
2. Check whether the color mark sensor is adjusted correctly or replace the color mark sensor;
3. Check the film feeding servo motor and servo driver;
4. Check the cutter servo motor and servo driver;
5. Check if the bag length is set correctly or if the drive roller is stained;
6. Replace a new packaging film;
7 Temperature controller does not display temperature, temperature is not controlled 1. Damage of heating element or thermocouple;
2. Damage of Solid State Relay;
3. Damage of temperature controller due to high or unstable voltage
4. Circuit breaker in the electric box tripped
1. Replace the heating element or thermocouple;
2. Replace the solid state relay;
3. Replace the temperature controller;
4. Check if there is any leakage current on the compact flow wrap machine;
8 Temperature gauge displays fluctuating temperature 1. Unclean surface of the conductive ring;
2. Poor contact between the conductive ring and brush
3. Short circuit in thermocouple;
1. Clean the guide copper ring;
2. Adjust the relative position or replace;
3. Replace the thermocouple;