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flow wrap machine manual Chapter 3 - installation of flow wrap machine for sale

The flow wrap machines have many advantages such as compact structure, high packaging rate, stable and convenient operation. The packaged product not only has a delicate appearance but also has clean and tidy transverse and longitudinal sealing lines. Flow wrap machines are suitable for the inner and outer packaging of various items such as biscuits, instant noodles, ice cream, chocolates, soaps, and also a common packaging method in many industries such as food, chemical factory, daily necessities, pharmaceuticals, etc. Correct installation of flow wrap machines can better ensure the stable operation of the packaging machine, guarantee the packaging effect, reduce faults, and extend its service life. So, what should be paid attention to when installing flow wrap machine for sale?

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◆ Ground requirements

The horizontal flow wrap machine should be installed on a flat and sturdy ground, and there should have enough operation and maintenance space around the machine.

◆ Environment requirements

1) Temperature: The normal temperature should be between 5°C and 40°C.

2) Humidity: 30% to 90%.

3) Keep away from oil and gas, chemicals, acidity, alkalinity, explosives, and flammable substances.

4) Environmental lighting: Above 300 LUX.

5) Avoid direct sunlight.

6) Avoid being close to machines that produce vibration.

7) Avoid direct wind blowing from a fan.

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◆ Installation steps

Firstly, determine the placement position of the small flow wrap machine host, and adjust the four leveling screws respectively based on the working platform to level the positioning host.

Install the feeding conveyor and lock it with bolts on the left end of the small flow wrap machine host. Adjust the two leveling screws of the feeding conveyor horizontally to level the positioning. The connection between the feeding conveyor and the host should be flush, and the bottom plane of the feeding groove should be flush with the main table of the host.

Install the pusher chain. First, loosen the hand wheel on the left end of the feeding conveyor (refer to Figure 2 pf article Flow wrap machine manual Chapter 2 – machine introduction), then install and connect the pusher chain, adjust the hand wheel to ensure that the pusher chain is moderately tight.

Connect the power cord. The flow wrap machine china uses 220V single-phase, 50Hz electricity. It is strictly forbidden to connect it to a 380V or other non-compliant power source. Users should pay special attention to this! To ensure safety, the connection of the power cord for the small flow wrap machine must be completed by a professional electrician. The machine comes with a random cable. If the user provides their own power plug, a 1.5mm² three-core cable should be used, and the live wire (L), neutral wire (N), and earth wire (E) should be connected correctly.

◆ Power test

1) Determine if the power supply is correct (use a test pen to check if the L and N of the power supply are correct)
2) Close all the circuit breakers in the control box, and observe if the indicators and power signal lights on the control panel are normal.
3) Press the “start” button and observe if the small flow wrap machine is running normally.
4) Set the packaging speed to 40 packs/minute through the human-machine interface, and then press the “start” button (the green) to run the small flow wrap machine normally for 3-5 minutes. After confirming that the machine is operating normally, press the “stop” button (the red). The correct installation of the flow wrap machines is now complete.

After the installation of horizontal flow wrap machine is completed, it is necessary to set and adjust the parameters of each system. You can see this knowledge in flow wrap machine manual Chapter 4 - Machine Adjustment.

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