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Metal band saw

sierra de cinta para metal profesional

The metal band saw is a processing equipment for cutting different metal materials. It adopts a long and thin band saw metal blades to connect the two driving wheels and perform a ring shape. When the driving wheel rotates, band saw metal blades will cut the metal material at high speed to achieve the purpose of cutting.

The main parts of the metal cutting band saw include a cooling system, hydraulic pistons, quick closing presses, control panels, metal band saw blade. Our metal band saw for sale can cut large steel blanks of height ≤ 500mm and width ≤ 500mm, it also can cut various ferrous or non-ferrous metal materials through the suitable process parameters.

● Venta de sierra de cinta para metal

4028 metal band saw

4028 metal band saw

metal cutting band saw

4240 metal cutting band saw

metal band saw for sale

4290 metal band saw for sale

industrial metal band saw

4230 industrial metal band saw

horizontal metal band saw

355AA horizontal metal band saw

● Band saw metal features

horizontal metal band saw

1. The band saw metal cooperates with the mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic to achieve the functions of the automatic clamp, automatic feed, and automatic rising and falling(exit the band saw blades metal).
2. The feeding speed can be adjusted in a range according to the needs of the customers.
3. The band saw for metal adopts the bi metal band saw blades with high quality. The bi metal band saw blades have the advantages of a narrow incision, fewer consumables, and less power required, so, It is an efficient cutting tool that saves both materials and energy.
4. The industrial metal band saw adopts the reinforced adjustable tungsten steel clip to ensure cutting accuracy.
5. The UV proximity switch controls the up and down lifting positioning of the saw frame and the UV proximity switch (normally open) controls the position of feeding to back the original position.

6. The feeding speed is controlled by the linear scales, and the position is very accurate, and the length error is less than 0.30mm.
7. The automatic metal cutting band saw machine offer various languages, and customer can choose the right languages according to their requirements. The operation system can choose the manual mode or fully automatic mode.
8. The band saw metal cutting machine adopts the programmable controllers and can automatically finish the process.
9. Adopt the oil cylinder to clamp the metal materials and can cut multiple materials at one time. 10. Adjsut the sawing line speed according to different materials to achieve different sawing efficiency.

The industrial metal cutting band saw is mainly used for cutting various metal materials:

Hollow and solid tubes: carbon structural steel, low alloy steel, high alloy steel, special alloy steel, acid-resistant steel, aluminum alloy, titanium steel, carbon steel, and cast iron.

Blocks: steel, aluminum alloy, copper, iron.

● Metal cutting band saw reviews

  • band saw for metal cutting

    Peru customer:
    Our company is responsible for the construction of villas and has purchased a horizontal metal cutting band saw from the YANSUMI metal cutting band saw blades suppliers to cut the steel pipes and steel bars. The operation is very easy to reduce the labor costs and improves the working effectiveness.

  • metal cutting band saw australia

    Australia customer:
    We are a metal processing service provider in Australia and we bought a metal cut off band saw from China. The band saw metal cutting machine price Discount, good quality, fine workmanship, the cut material is smooth.

  • band saw metal cutting

    Mexico customer:
    We bought the best band saw for cutting metal to cut the stainless steel square tube. The cut pipe has no burrs, the cut is very smooth, and the cutting speed is fast and low noise.

  • metal cutting band saw south africa

    South Africa customer:
    We are a moto factory in South Africa and we bought a band saw machine for metal cutting from local to cut the chassis before. But now, we bought a band saw for metal from China metal cutting band saw blades suppliers. The china products are stronger, Stronger, more durable, and cut more evenly than metal band saw south africa.In addition, the chinese supplier provides the best band saw blades for metal and technology support.


What is the working principle of metal cutting band saw blades for sale?

The working principle of metal cutting band saw blades for sale is to use the rotation of the drive wheel to make the band saw metal cutting blade cyclic motion to achieve the cut of the metal materials. The metal band saw blades for sale consist of the driving wheel, tensioning wheel, guide wheel, frame, motor, metal cutting band saw blades guide. The between the driving wheel and tensioning wheel is connected by a band saw metal blade and forms a continuous ring. The moto drives the driving wheel and the tensioning wheel adjusts the tension of the metal cutting horizontal band saw to make sure it is not loose. The metal blade for band saw starts to move in a high-speed cycle and the blade starts to cut the metal materials. The guide wheel controls the direction of movement and the distance of the metal materials and metal cutting horizontal band saw. So, horizontal metal band saw for sale achieves efficient, precise, and flexible cutting of metal materials by adjusting the positions and angles of the driving wheel and tensioning wheel.

The hydraulic transmission system of the jet metal band saw is controlled by the electrical control to finish the up and down lifting of the saw frame and clamp. The feed speed can be adjusted by the speed control valve and meet the cut requirements of the different materials products.

The saw blade drive system of the metal cut band saw. The motor of the worm gear case drives the worms and worm gears to drive the driving wheel to rotate by the pulleys and v-belts. And drives the saw blade wrapped around the rim to perform a cutting rotary motion. The hydraulic circulation system consists of the speed control valve and lifting oil cylinder to control the lifting speed of the saw frame.

Turn the brake button of the horizontal metal cutting band saw machine clockwise and the oil pump motor and gear pump start work. The oil enters the pipeline through the filter screen and adjusts the overflow valve to ensure the working pressure meets the requirements. Instead, turn the brake button counterclockwise and all motors stop working.

The saw frame lifting system of the band saw blades for metal cutting is controlled by the button. The working button controls the dowing of the saw frame, the dowing button controls the quick down of the saw frame, and the rise button controls the rising of the saw frame.

How to maintain horizontal metal band saw?

The metal cutting band saw for sale is easy to malfunctions and damage in the long-term working process. For these technical problems, we can reduce the occurrence of malfunctions through suitable maintenance.

After finishing the work, please clean the iron filings on the machine. Open the cooling water switch and use the cooling water to clean the work table after the band saw blade for cutting metal stops rotating, and adjust the saw frame to the lowest position.

Before using the metal saw band, we should check this machine according to the following programs.
1. Check the hydraulic oil gauge and whether the hydraulic oil is over the L red line, if the hydraulic oil is less than the L red line, we should add the appropriate No. 32 anti-wear hydraulic oil.
2. Check the colling water gauge and whether the colling water is over the L red line, if the colling water is less than the L red line, we should add the appropriate colling water.
3. Check whether metal band saw blade is located between the left and right saw band wheels and the front and rear tungsten steel guide blades.
4. Check whether the wire brush is located at the bottom of the sawtooth.
5. Add the machinery oil to the movable clamp guide rail.
6. Add the machinery oil to the feeding bed floating clamp guide rail.