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Cold Cut Metal Saw

cold cut metal saw

The cold cut metal saw YS425 has the advantages of easy operation, low noise, no dust pollution, smooth cutting surface without burrs, and automatic length adjustment and feeding. This cold metal cut off saw is suitable for cutting various sections of ordinary steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal profiles, making it an ideal equipment for cutting various pipes. With a tailing device, this cold metal circular saw can work continuously for 24 hours without manual adjustment.

cold metal cut off saw
cold metal circular saw

● Specifications

Sawing capacity (round tube) round tube
Sawing capacity (round bar) round rod
Sawing capacity (square tube) square tube
Sawing capacity (square bar) Square stick
Applicable saw blade (high speed steel saw blade) High speed steel saw blade
Feeding stroke (single stroke) single trip
Feeding stroke (double stroke) double stroke
Feeding stroke (three strokes) three strokes
Feeding accuracy ±0.05mm
work pressure 2.5-3.5MPa
cold cut metal saw rpm cold cut metal saw rpm
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● Features

The cold cut metal chop saw adopts hydraulic feeding to ensure smooth and stable cutting process, avoid vibration and noise, and prolong the service life of the saw blade. It has deceleration function at the entry point and overall sensing function at the exit point.

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The deceleration mechanism of metal cut off saw cold cut can eliminate backlash rebound, thereby making the cutting saw blade last longer.
The specially designed clamp of metal drop saw cold cut ensures strong and reliable clamping ability.


The position of the machine head is adjustable up and down, and an automatic inspection alarm system is set up for easy troubleshooting.

automatic inspection alarm system

Servo feeding is used with data control, stable action, reduced waste of leftover materials, and real-time display of length system.
PLC control and touch screen operation of cold cut metal chop saw make it easy to operate, and various languages can be set according to customer needs.

touch screen

● Shipping and after-sale service

We have a strong sales team to provide high-quality and fast professional services for our customers. We have a professional technical team, as well as a complete range of metal band cold saw with cold cut metal saw blade, to bring you a comfortable shopping experience, solve technical problems for you, and ensure that you have no worries before and after sales.

Our company has rich experience in loading to ensure time of product loading and our own freight forwarding partner, which not only guarantees the time of transportation, but also strives for the most favorable freight, so that you can receive the metal cutting circular cold saw without worry.

In addition to manufacturing cold cut metal saw, we also produce metal processing machines such as tube bending machine, tube end forming machine, band saws, and construction machine such as mini concrete pump.

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● Applications

What is a cold cut metal saw?

A cold cut metal saw is a type of power tool used for cutting metal materials. Unlike traditional saws, which use abrasive blades that generate a lot of heat and produce sparks, a cold cut metal saw uses toothed blades that rotate at a slower speed, which allows for a more precise cut without generating as much heat or sparks. "Cold cut" refers to the fact that the metal being cut remains relatively cool during the cutting process. Cold cut metal saws come in various sizes and can be used for a wide variety of metal cutting applications.

cold cut metal saw
What do you use a cold cut metal saw for?

A cold cut metal saw is commonly used for cutting metal materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, and other alloys. It can be used in a variety of applications including metal fabrication, construction, automotive repair, and manufacturing. Cold cut metal saws are ideal for making straight, accurate cuts on metal materials with minimal burring and distortion. They are often preferred over traditional abrasive saws because they produce less heat, sparks, and debris during the cutting process, resulting in a more efficient and safer cutting experience.on.

Cold cut metal saws are commonly used in a variety of industries and applications such as:

Metal fabrication: Sheet metal cold saw is ideal for cutting metal materials with precision and accuracy, making them a popular tool in metal fabrication shops.

Construction: cold cut saw for metal is used to cut various types of metal in construction sites, such as rebar, beams, and pipes.

Automotive repair: These saws are commonly used in automotive repair shops for cutting metal parts like frames, suspension components, and exhaust pipes.

Manufacturing: cold cut metal drop saw is often used in manufacturing plants to cut metal sheets, pipes, and profiles into precise lengths.

DIY projects: These saws can also be used by DIY enthusiasts for home improvement projects that require metal cutting, such as building fences, decks, and furniture.

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Overall, cold cut metal saws are a versatile tool that can be used in a wide range of industries and applications where precise and efficient metal cutting is required.

What factors affect the cutting precision of metal cutting cold saw?

The accuracy of tube cutting with industrial metal cutting cold saw is affected by the following factors:

The quality and wear level of cold cut metal chop saw blade: Using low-quality or worn-out saw blades can result in inaccurate cutting, thereby affecting the accuracy of tube cutting.

Cutting speed: If the cutting speed is too fast, the cutting quality may decrease because the saw blade cannot completely cut through the workpiece during the cutting process.

Material hardness and thickness: Different hardness and thickness of metal pipes require different cutting parameters and equipment. Using inappropriate equipment or parameters can affect the cutting accuracy.

Clamping force: Insufficient clamping force may cause the pipe to move or twist, which affects the accuracy.

Feed pressure and feed speed: Controlling the pressure and speed during the feed process has an important impact on the cutting accuracy. If it is not set or controlled correctly, it may lead to cutting accuracy deviations.

industrial metal cutting cold saw

In summary, the accuracy of tube cutting with industrial metal cutting cold saw is mainly affected by the quality of cold cut metal saw blade, cutting speed, material hardness and thickness, clamping force, and feed pressure and speed.