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Water well drilling rig

Water well drilling rig

The water well drilling rig is a machine that generates power through an engine or electric motor to push the rotating drill pipe and drill bit into the ground to get underground water resources. It consists of the Power equipment, drill bits, drill pipes, core pipes, drill frames, etc. The water drilling rig has the advantages of advanced structure, easy operation, short construction time, and large power output torque. It is suited for different stratigraphic structures, such as clay, sand, strong weathering, bedrock, basalt, etc.

The water well drilling rig for sale has wide applications in various scenarios, such as domestic water wells, irrigation wells, ground source heat pump air conditioning wells, dewatering wells, etc. At the same time, the equipment can also be used in construction fields, such as small foundation piles and acoustic pipe testing.

● Our water well drilling rig for sale

  • Well drilling machine

    Well drilling machine

  • Portable well drilling machine

    Portable well drilling machine

  • Water well drilling rig for sale

    Water well drilling rig for sale

  • Tracked water well drilling rig

    Tracked water well drilling rig

  • Truck mounted water well drilling rig

    Truck mounted water well drilling rig

Please contact us and tell us more about your requirements, such as drilling depth, opening diameter, geological conditions, use, etc. Then we will recommend the best water well drilling rig model according to your requirements.

● Water well drilling rig advantages

YANSUMI MACHINERY produces the high-quality, high-efficiency Water well drilling rig, it has the following advantages:
1. Highly efficient
The water well drilling rig can finish the drilling work quickly and easily. While reducing the work burden, it also improves the success rate of drilling. The traditional manual work needs a long time to finish the drilling work, but the water well borehole drilling rig reduces the drilling time to reduce the cost of time and resources.
2. Good drilling quality
The water borehole drilling rig can ensure the precision and depth of the drilling work to improve the quality of the drilling. So, the well water drilling rig improves the quality and stability of drilling and the water well has a longer service life.
3. Flexible use
The portable water well drilling rig can be used in various industries. In the construction of water well, the depths, widths, and numbers of the drilling are different. The portable water drilling rig can be used in different scenes, different depths, and different apertures with flexibility by adjusting the parameters.
4. Reduce costs
The traditional manual drilling not only wastes time, but also has a high construction cost. The water well drilling rig machine can quickly complete the work and reduce the need for manpower and materials, resulting in cost savings. Additionally, it can be operated by a single person, and its maintenance costs are also low. Due to water rig drilling machine having higher drilling accuracy and depth qualification rate, it can avoid program adjustments to a certain extent, further reducing overall costs.

● Water drilling rig for sale classifications

Because of the differences in the use, workability, and construction site, the hydraulic water well drilling rig classifications are different. There are large outdoor hydraulic water well drilling rigs and single-person movable mini water well drilling rigs. The following is the classification of water well drilling rig.
1. According to the ways to drilling process: percussion water well drilling rig for sale, rotary water well drilling rig for sale, etc.

2. According to the depths of the drilling: portable drilling rig for water well(2~120m) , small water well drilling rig(50~300m), mid deep water well drilling rig(300~600m), high water well drilling rig deeprock(600~6000m), super deeprock water well drilling rig(6000~15000m).

3. According to construction site: water well drilling rig for home use, backyard water well drilling rig, commercial water well drilling rig, etc.

4. According to ways of movement: truck mounted water drilling rig, trailer mounted water well drilling rig, portable water well drilling rig truck, tracked water well drilling rig, etc.

● Water drilling rig applications

The portable water well drilling rig water gets its power from the engine or electric motor and passes the power to the drill pipe to start drilling work. Our borehole water drilling rig is able to dill a maximum depth of 600 meters, with a drilling diameter ranging from 45 to 500 millimeters. Therefore, it is suited for groundwater resources, including domestic water, agricultural water, and industrial water drilling, it is also suited for hydrogeological exploration, construction, and bridge foundation well drilling.

drilling rig water well

1. The oil and gas industry is the most widely used industry for the rotary water well drilling rig, it can drill more than thousands of meters of oil wells to get the oil and gas.

2. The water drilling rig for sale can be used in the mineral mining industry, it can mine various minerals, such as coal, metallic minerals, asbestos, gypsum, etc.

3. water drilling rig for sale has a wide application in the geological exploration industry, it can excavate underground rock layers and strata to detect changes in geological structures and the distribution of geological resources.

4. The water drilling rig is also used in the water conservancy industry, it can excavate the water channel and drill a water well to get fresh water resources.

5. The water well drilling small portable rig can be used in the building industry, it can drill the depth foundation pile to support the large building and also can excavate the shallow trenches for pipe installation.


water drilling rig manufacturers

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4. We have perfect pre-sales and after-sales services to ensure customer satisfaction and experience. Our pre-sales will patiently listen to customer needs and provide accurate and detailed product information and answers. No matter the functions, specifications, performance, or application of water well drilling rig machines, we will provide our customers with professional advice and guidance to help them choose the most suitable water well drilling rig machine. if customers have any questions or problems during use, our after-sales team will respond promptly and provide solutions. In addition, we also provide installation, and adjustment services to ensure that the product can operate properly and achieve optimal results.

If you want to buy the water well drilling rig for your projects, please contact us to get the best water drilling rig price and free parts by WhatsApp.