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Two-wheeled 550kg petrol track wheelbarrow

Model:   Track barrow cost :900 USD /6000RMB   Max. Load:550KG

track wheelbarrow

A track wheelbarrow is a type of wheelbarrow that utilizes tracks instead of traditional motorized wheelbarrow wheels. This design provides several advantages in terms of stability, maneuverability, and load-bearing capacity.

The tracks on a motorised track wheelbarrow offer improved traction, allowing rubber track wheelbarrow to navigate rough or uneven terrains more effectively. Whether it's a construction site, garden, or outdoor adventure, the tracks distribute the weight evenly, reducing the risk of tipping over and providing better control over the motorized tracked wheelbarrow's movement.

One of the key benefits of a track wheelbarrow is its ability to handle heavy loads. The track system of the tracked wheelbarrow for sale spreads the load over a larger surface area, resulting in reduced pressure on the ground and allowing for smoother transport of heavier materials. This makes small tracked wheelbarrow especially useful in challenging work environments where conventional power wheelbarrow for sale may struggle to maneuver with heavy loads.

In addition, the tracks provide enhanced the stability of the tracked wheelbarrow for sale on slopes or inclines, preventing the wheelbarrow from rolling downhill uncontrollably. This feature is particularly advantageous when working on hilly or uneven terrain, ensuring the tracked wheelbarrow for sale safer and more efficient transportation of materials.

Overall, a tracked wheelbarrow is a multifunctional transportation tool that excels in demanding situations where traditional wheelbarrows may fall short. Its superior traction, load-bearing capacity, and stability make motorised track wheelbarrow an excellent choice for various applications, ranging from construction and landscaping to agriculture and outdoor adventures.

used tracked wheelbarrow

● Features of two-wheeled track wheelbarrow for sale

  • track wheelbarrow rental

    Support customized track wheelbarrow styles, such as customized cargo box size, foot pedals, etc. and also can add a hydraulic self-unloading to make it be a mini tracked wheelbarrow or dumper (basic small tracked wheelbarrowmodel does not include hydraulic self-unloading).

  • tracked wheelbarrow wheel

    The track wheelbarrow for sale use rubber track, has strong climbing grip, strong transportation capacity, wear-resistant and durable, especially on rugged or uneven terrain, the rubber track wheelbarrow can work more stably.

  • track barrow dumper

    The cargo box of motorized track wheelbarrow is deepened and thickened, and the loading capacity is strong.

  • tracked wheelbarrow hire

    Operation panel of the motorized track wheelbarrow, two forward gears, one reverse gear, easy to operate

● Two-wheeled motorized track wheelbarrow data

Motorised track wheelbarrow
Track barrow dimensions L*W*H 1700*700*1200 mm
Cargo box size 1000*700*450 mm
Tracked barrow tracks width 150 mm
Chassis width 750 mm
Fuel petrol
Engine model 170F
Power 7.5 hp
Load weight 550 kg
Drive gear 2 forward gears + 1 reverse gear gearbox

● Power track wheelbarrow structural analysis

track wheelbarrow hire

车厢  cargo box
左转向拉杆  left steering lever
离合拉杆  clutch lever
右转向拉杆  right steering lever
油门开关  throttle switch
电启动  electric start
档杆  gear lever
高低速档杆  high and low gear lever
履带  track
自卸拉杆  dump rod
液压油箱  hydraulic tank
液压总成  hydraulic assembly
履带支撑轮  track support wheel
液压油缸  hydraulic cylinder

● Rubber track wheelbarrow supports custom styles

● The cargo box of the caterpillar track wheelbarrow can be upgraded to 1.2m*0.85m*0.45m

● The cargo box of the fast track wheelbarrow can be upgraded to 1.3m*1.1m*0.43m

● The chassis of the motorized track wheelbarrow can be widened to 1.1 m

● Can be upgraded to high and low speed eight-speed gearbox

● Can be designed to be a tracked barrow skip loader

● Free motorized track wheelbarrow parts

track wheelbarrow honda

If you want to know more about track barrow spares, or you have interest in the motorized track wheelbarrow customize, welcome to contact us, and we will give you more suggestion and also can give you amazing track barrow cost.

● Application of small track wheelbarrow for sale

As a multi-functional and multi-purpose construction machinery transport vehicle, the small tracked wheelbarrow is widely used in many fields. We often see the fast track wheelbarrow in rice fields, swamps, muddy field roads, rugged mountain roads, and even in complex and harsh environments such as deserts, slippery ice and snow. At the same time, gas powered tracked wheelbarrow are also widely used in agriculture, forestry orchard transportation, freight yard loading, water conservancy construction, infrastructure engineering, mining and other places.
Small track wheelbarrow for sale are very common in agriculture. Due to it is a track driven wheelbarrow, the track has a large contact area with the ground, strong grip, and outstanding off-road capability. Motorized track wheelbarrow can move freely in orchards, paddy fields, slopes, wetlands and woodlands, etc. The track drive wheel barrow is convenient to transport fertilizers and grains, saving time and manpower.

caterpillar track wheelbarrow

Small rubber track wheelbarrow are very common in the construction industry. This is because mini tracked wheelbarrow have a heavy load, stable machine operation, comprehensive work content, small size and flexible movement, and can travel on narrow roads without being affected by road traffic. Gas powered track wheelbarrow is often used for short-distance material loading and transportation.

rubber track wheelbarrow

● Factory photo

Our power track wheelbarrow is available in a variety of styles and designs, such as gas powered track wheelbarrow, electric tracked wheelbarrow(battery powered tracked wheelbarrow), diesel tracked wheelbarrow, hydraulic tracked wheelbarrow. You can choose based on your actual transportation needs (such as loading weight, transportation terrain, transportation distance, etc.). You are welcome to contact us for more specific consultation about motorized trackbarrow.

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