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Petrol wheel barrow 800kg petrol wheelbarrow

Model:YSW800B   Motorized wheelbarrow price:500USD   Max. Load:800KG

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● Petrol wheel barrow features

  • Well-known brand gasoline engine, using professional carburetor, strong power, high efficiency, low fuel consumption, reliable performance; oil bath type air filter, good dustproof effect and prolong service life

  • Made of high-quality steel plates, the body is reinforced, and it is not easy to deform; it can bear 800kg, automatic bending, seamless and beautiful

  • Heightened and widened anti-skid motorized wheel for wheelbarrow, high wear resistance, anti-skid tires, strong grip

  • The grip and handle are tightly combined, comfortable and durable, safe and don't prick your hand. Function powerful and with brake lock

● Petrol wheelbarrow for sale parameters

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Model No: YSW800B
Weight 135kg
Climbing gradient ≤50°
Load weight ≤800kg
Speed range 0-7km/h
Engine 170F gasoline engine
Axis 100cm
Wheelbase 75cm
Start mode manual start
Tire 500-10 widened herringbone anti-skid

● Petrol wheelbarrow optional configuration

● Optional tires

Electric start gasoline engine
EManual start gasoline engine

● Optional tires
450-12 plain tire / 500-8 herringbone tires / 800-10 tires

motorized wheelbarrow wheel

Choose 800-10 tires for electric start petrol wheelbarrow for sale: the total price of the petrol wheelbarrow is 585 USD

Choose 450-12 tires for manual start petrol wheelbarrow for sale: the total price of the petrol wheel barrow is 470 USD.

Choose 500-8 tires for electric start petrol wheelbarrow for sale: the total price of the petrol wheel barrow is 550 USD.

● Optional cargo box size
1.3*0.83*0.4 / 1*0.7*0.4, customers can customize according to their needs

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● Optional cargo box styles
Three doors, the price for complete manual start petrol wheelbarrow for sale is 500 USD / electric start petrol wheelbarrow for sale is 570 USD

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We can also make the box style petrol wheel barrow into a flatbed petrol wheelbarrow, and make the size of the flatbed and the style of the railing according to the needs of the customer

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● Differential
We have petrol wheelbarrow with differential and petrol wheelbarrow without differential can be selected according to customer needs.

If you want a cheaper price and want to use the petrol wheel barrow on a wider and flat road, you can choose a barrow model without differential; If you need more flexible transport on narrow roads, you can choose a barrow with differential.

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Using differential split rear axle

Using differential split rear axle, turning is very flexible, with heavy load and strong climbing ability.

● 800kg petrol wheelbarrow for sale free tool kit

free tool kit

● Application of petrol wheelbarrow for sale

Petrol wheelbarrow is fast, easy to operate, practical and economical. It is suitable for construction sites, interior decoration, farms, factories and other places to transport sand, cement, earthwork, concrete, construction waste, domestic waste, farm animal manure, feed, etc.
The petrol wheelbarrow for sale is small in size, simple and flexible in operation, can turn 360 degrees on the spot, and can enter various narrow spaces such as floors, corridors, elevators, and hanging baskets. It is an economical, practical and labor-saving loading and unloading assistant.

In terms of construction, petrol wheelbarrow for sale can transport cement, stones, sand and gravel for short distances on the construction site, saving time and labor.

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In terms of agriculture, the petrol wheel barrow can transport fruits and vegetables, has strong climbing force, and is very stable when walking with heavy loads. It can be easily operated by one person, which greatly improves work efficiency.

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● Gas wheelbarrow manufacturer photo

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