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Motorized wheel barrow 1000kg three wheel flatbed motorized wheelbarrow

Model:YSWB1000C   Motorized wheelbarrow price:480 USD   Max. Load:1000KG

motorized wheel barrow
motorized cement wheelbarrow

● Features of motorized wheelbarrow for sale

  • Strong power, can be used continuously for more than 10 hours

  • There is a neutral design for emergency stop; Before starting, the motorized wheelbarrow can be pushed manually

  • Laser welded tipping bucket, seamless, beautiful and large capacity.

  • Shockproof handle, safe, comfortable and durable

  • Front steering motorized wheelbarrow wheel, multi-angle rotation, flexible steering

  • Heightened and thickened anti-skid rear motorized wheelbarrow wheel, good grip

  • Bold precision cast steel rear axle, strong and durable, 360° turning; enlarged brake drum, stop immediately

● Motorized wheelbarrow for sale parameter

Model YSWB1000C
Complete motorised barrow length 2m
Body Specifications (L*W*H)/Body Capacity 98*56*38.5cm / 0.2cbm
Wheelbase 82cm
Engine 170F gasoline engine
Max. Load 1000KG
Max. climbing angle ≤40°
Continuous working time 8-12 hours

● Motorized wheel barrow structure analysis

motorized dump wheelbarrow
best motorised wheelbarrow uk

1. throttle switch
2. brake
3. engine
4. handbrake
5. shift
6. gearbox
7. transmission shaft
8. off-road tires
9. thickened bucket truck

● Motorized wheel barrow optional configur

● Optional power

Electric start gasoline engine
Manual start gasoline engine

● Optional size

motorized wheelbarrow used
motorized wheelbarrow malaysia
fastest motorized wheelbarrow
t25 motorized wheelbarrow

● Optional tires

motorized wheelbarrow wheel

Motorised barrow medium tires 39.5cm, large tires 52cm.

For steep roads and frequent uphill transportation, choose medium tire;

For mud road and sand and gravel road transportation, choose large tire.

Standard default is medium tires, if you want to change to large tire, you need to add 14 USD.

● Optional cargo box
Ash bucket type / three-door type / flatbed type, we make different sizes and styles of cargo boxes according to the different needs of customers.

motorized wheelbarrow nz

Ash bucket type

motorized wheelbarrow uk

three-door type

motorized wheelbarrow youtube

flatbed type

● Free accessories for motorized wheelbarrow kit

Free accessories for motorized wheelbarrow kit

● Application of best motorized wheelbarrow

The motorized wheelbarrow has low requirements on road conditions, light body and simple operation, and has a wide range of applications in many fields: In construction engineering, motorized wheelbarrow for concrete is used for transporting ash, feeding materials, canal sand and gravel, effectively solving the problems of laborious transportation, low efficiency and waste of manpower.

motorised wheel barrow for sale

In agriculture and animal husbandry,motorized wheelbarrow is used for the transportation of fruits and vegetables, material, it is convenient and labor-saving.

motorised wheelbarrow nz

Power-assisted wheelbarrows are also fast becoming a favorite means of transportation for villa and garden owners.

motorised barrow for sale

● Motorised wheelbarrow manufacturer photo

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