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motorised wheel barrow 600kg gasoline manual (differential model)

Model:YSWB600A   Motorized wheelbarrow price:2600RMB   Max. Load:600KG

motorised wheel barrow
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● Manual (differential) motorised wheel barrow for sale features

  • High-quality 170 gasoline engine, strong power, can be used continuously for more than 10 hours

  • 1.8MM thickened cargo box, automatic bending process of machine tool, strong load capacity, beautiful and seamless appearance

  • Differential rear axle: long wheelbase, low center of gravity, flexible turning, heavy load, strong climbing ability

● Motorised wheel barrow for sale parameters

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best motorised wheelbarrow uk

● Motorised wheel barrow optional configuration

● Optional power

Electric start gasoline engine
Manual start gasoline engine

● Optional cargo box styles
Customers can choose motorised wheelbarrow kit three-door cargo box or flat type according to their needs.

motorised wheelbarrow india

Customized model with three doors

Customized Flatbed type

Customized Flatbed type

● Optional motorised wheelbarrow wheel:

motorised wheelbarrow wheel

400-12 mining tires (special tires for tricycles)

motorised wheelbarrow wheel

Mountain off-road tires, anti-skid and wear-resistant

● Application of Motorised wheelbarrow petrol

The motorised wheelbarrow petrol is equipped with a gasoline engine. It does not require manual push and pull when using it. As long as the driving direction is simply controlled, the engine drives the motorised wheelbarrow forward. The rent motorised wheelbarrow not only improves the transport capacity, but also improves the work efficiency, it is very convenient to carry heavier items in short distances. This motorised wheelbarrow petrol has a small body, flexible steering, and can be easily changed in any direction. It is suitable for handling in various occasions, such as farmland, orchard, greenhouse, nursery and construction site, narrow roadbed and other harsh sites, bringing you a convenient handling experience!

In terms of construction, mini concrete pump, concrete mixer, and gasoline motorised wheelbarrow to hire are suitable for pouring concrete, transporting sand, mud and bricks, reducing the load-bearing burden of construction workers, increasing the labor force, and effectively increasing the workload of workers. It is a good helper for construction workers.

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In terms of agriculture, thegasoline motorised wheelbarrow for hire has strong climbing ability and flexible steering. It can transport heavy objects such as fertilizers, vegetables and fruits, weeds, and soil under relatively bad road conditions.

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● Motorised wheelbarrow manufacturer photo

We are a professional motorised wheelbarrow manufacturer. Our motorised wheel barrow products mainly include three-wheel flatbed petrol motorized wheelbarrow for sale, electric motorised wheelbarrow, motorised wheelbarrow with differential, and motorised wheelbarrow on tracks. In addition to these basic styles, we can also modify them according to the needs of customers. Of course, if you want to do motorised wheelbarrow diy on your own motorised wheelbarrow second hand or on the basis of our motorised wheelbarrow kit, you can also contact us to communicate your ideas, and we can give corresponding suggestions.

Feel free to inquiry us about everything like buy motorised wheelbarrow, motorised wheelbarrow diy, and motorised wheelbarrow review, we'd love to communicate more details with you.

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