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Five gears electric start petrol track barrow

Model:L568-1   Track barrow cost:780 USD /5200RMB   Max. Load:500KG

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● Petrol track barrow Features

  • engine of petrol track barrow

    Well-known 212cc engine electric start 170f engine, strong power, low fuel consumption, stable transportation

  • block rubber track petrol track barrow

    Steel wire manganese block rubber track, the gear is thickened and strengthened, and the sealing performance is good.

  • gears petrol track barrow

    Electric start + five gears (with climbing gear), saving time and labor

  • caego box etrol track barrow

    Thicken track barrow dumper cargo box, the Max. load on the flat road is 500 kg, and on the steep slope load is slightly less, should be determined according to the specific situation; the cargo door is removable.

  • shell petrol track barrow

    Thicken shell, enlarged bearing position, the service life is doubled

  • steering petrol track barrow

    Oil-immersed friction plate steering, which can control the steering speed, and can also steer at high speeds

● Electric track barrow spec

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Model No. L568-1 Engine brand YANSUMI
Track barrow dimensions 1600*700*1200 mm Engine model 170F
Cargo box size 880*700*310 mm Power 7.5hp
Drive mode/brake Mechanical transmission Start method Electric start
Speed 0-6 km/h Load weight 500 kg
Track specifications 150*60*3 Recommended load 350 kg
Track standard Copper wire manganese block rubber track Track barrow weight 230 kg
Wheel materials Precision cast steel drive gear 5
Shaft materials 20 Chromium manganese titanium heat treatment Cargo box ground clearance 320 mm
Dump function Manual 60° angle Slope/Uphill Height 25°/45°

● Motorized track barrow structure analysis

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● Power track barrow optional configure

Optional cargo box size: 1.2*1.1*0.4,
1.5*1.2*0.4, 1.2*0.9*0.4.
Kindly note, the size of the cargo box increases, and the corresponding chassis size also increases
Optional tires quantity:
On the basic model, 2 tires are added on both sides of the track

Compared with the basic track barrow model, this model has the same track barrow weight, but in some bad road conditions (such as steep slopes, muddy roads, unpaved mountain roads), this model is more powerful and more stable in transportation.

Welcome to contact us for track barrow cost and track barrow parts and more track barrow knowledge such as Cleaning and maintenance precautions for mini tracked barrow.

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● Application of track barrow for hire

The track barrow for hire is suitable for the transportation of orchard fruits, greenhouse flowers, vegetables, paddy field seedlings, feed, fertilizers and other agricultural and forestry products; it is easy to operate, saving time and labor.

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This petrol track barrow hire also suitable for mountain/hill/sand/dirt road and gravel road to transport goods such as gravel, wood, sand and so on, it can be said to be an all-terrain track barrow dumper, great save transportation costs and saves manpower and material resources.

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