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750kg petrol tracked wheelbarrow

Model:   Track barrow cost:9600 RMB    Max. Load:750KG

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● Features of motorized tracked wheelbarrow

  • engine of motorized tracked wheelbarrow

    High-quality 13 hp horizontal shaft engine big horsepower, strong power, unobstructed traffic, strong load climbing

  • tracked wheelbarrow parts

    Use 200mm laser-cut manganese steel, not easy to break

  • tracked wheelbarrow wheel

    Engineering rubber track, good grip, wear-resistant and durable, all-terrain operation

  • tracked wheelbarrow parts

    Thickened and large-capacity cargo box, big load capacity

● 750kg petrol electric tracked wheelbarrow parameters

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Track barrow dimensions L*W*H 1900*750*1200 mm Engine model 188F
Cargo box size 1200*850*400 mm Power 13hp
Drive mode/brake Mechanical transmission Start method Electric start
Speed 5-12 km/h Load weight 750 kg
Track specifications 180*72*38 Recommended load 600 kg
Track standard Engineering steel wire rubber track drive gear 3 forward gears + 1 reverse gear
Dump function dump 60° angle Slope/Uphill Height 25°/45°

● Application of mini tracked wheelbarrow or dumper

Tracked wheelbarrow are also known as trucks, ship unloaders and creepers. This small tracked wheelbarrow is suitable for transporting large cargo, crops, sand and other items that are difficult to transport manually. The mini tracked wheelbarrow or dumper is simple in operation, accurate in control, unique in design, fast in operation, cost-saving, and has strong climbing ability, and is especially suitable for hard work. This gas powered tracked wheelbarrow features rubber tracks that make it effortless for the operator during transport and reduce damage to the ground to a lesser extent. Mini tracked wheelbarrow or dumper are widely used in agriculture, forestry orchard transportation, cargo loading, paddy fields, swamps, muddy field roads, soft grass and deserts and construction sites and other all-terrain and narrow roadbeds.

Gas powered tracked wheelbarrow are widely used in agriculture:
Transportation of rice after harvest
1) The small tracked wheelbarrow can be transported in the muddy paddy field after the rice is harvested without getting trapped and improving the transport efficiency;
2) There are no ruts, which can avoid the reduction of rice field production due to the deep ruts, and save the manpower and material resources required for leveling the ruts;
3) The body of tracked wheelbarrow is low, which is convenient for manual loading and unloading.

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Transportation in the sea cucumber pond in spring
Breeding sea cucumbers requires building a sea cucumber nest before releasing water into the pond. Sea cucumber nests are generally filled with piles of stones like chess pieces. But the bottom of the sea cucumber breeding pond is even more muddy than the newly harvested rice field. At this time, the tracked wheelbarrow hire can better play its advantages, not trapping, nor forming a rut.

Application of mini tracked wheelbarrow or dumper

Harvesting and transportation of vegetable fields when the rain is too heavy
When the rain is too heavy, the transportation of many vegetables or cash crops after harvest is also difficult, such as: beets, radishes, cabbage, etc., During the flood year, the tracked wheelbarrow for sale can also transport vegetables, cash crops, etc. from the waterlogged fields, which not only saves costs, but also saves manpower.

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● Customizable tracked wheelbarrow parts

● Customizable bucket, mainly used for digging the soil.

tracked wheelbarrow parts

● Customizable cargo box size (currently available sizes 1*0.7*0.4; 1.2*0.85*0.4; 1.4*1.1*0.5)

tracked wheelbarrow parts

● Customizable hydraulic dump (basic model without dump)

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Please contact us for track barrow cost and tracked wheelbarrow parts customize details. You can click our blog page for more knowladge of track barrow such as causes and solutions of oil leakage on the tracked power barrow.