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600kg three-wheel flatbed (differential) electric motorised wheelbarrow

Model:YSWB600C   Motorized wheelbarrow price:2141 RMB   Max. Load:600KG

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● Electric motorised wheelbarrow (differential) features

  • engine of motorized wheelbarrow

    Engine: One-button electric start, convenient and fast operation, 170F engine, strong power, low fuel consumption, and guaranteed quality.

  • motorised wheelbarrow wheel

    Thickened mine type motorised wheelbarrow wheel. 500-8 type thickened anti-stab and anti-skid motorised wheelbarrow wheel, which can be used for both flat and mountain roads, with high wear resistance and higher bearing capacity. wheelbarrow kit.

  • motorised wheelbarrow wheel

    Universal motorised wheelbarrow wheel: flexible large universal wheel design, 25 cm in diameter, effortless turning left and right, easy to control the direction of the motorised wheelbarrow petrol.

  • rear axle of electric motorised wheelbarrow

    The rear axle is cast with high-quality steel, with high hardness and flexible turning, which can effectively ensure the climbing and load capacity of the motorised wheelbarrow.

● Gasoline electric motorised wheelbarrow parameters

Gasoline engine parameters
Gasoline engine type Single cylinder four stroke
Rated power 4.5KW/ 3600r/min
Fuel consumption 395g/kw.h
Bore 70MM
Stroke 55MM
Displacement 210CC
Power 7.5HP
Oil capacity 0.6L
Gasoline capacity 3.6L
Weight 15KG
Dimensions 390*330*350
Model No. YSWB600C
Engine 170F gasoline engine
Cargo box size 100*60*54CM
Wheelbase 60CM
Total length 1.7M
Dead weight 63KG
Max. load ≤600kg
Recommended max. climbing angle 40-70°
Engine start mode Electric start
With differential Yes, with differential, 360-degree in-situ tank turns, labor-saving mountain road transportation
Tire 500-8 anti-skid wheels
Can a fence be installed Yes

● Motorised wheelbarrow optional configuration

● Optional power

Electric start gasoline engine
Hand start gasoline engine

● Cargo box
1. can add tipping bucket (electric start: 395 USD; hand pull: 340 USD), Tipper size can be customized according to customer needs

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Dimension of tipping flat three-wheeled motorised wheelbarrow for sale

Tipper: length 1m, width 68cm, bucket depth 28cm;
Plate: length 1m, width 60cm

It can be used for both flat plate and tipping bucket, the tipping bucket can be disassembled, and the bucket can be vertically tipped.

2. can add railings.

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If you want to add railings, please contact us and explain your needs

● Differential type motorised wheelbarrow kit order free gift package

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● Application of motorised wheelbarrow petrol

Motorised wheelbarrow petrol has a strong ability to adapt to different terrains, and can easily pass through areas with poor road conditions or terrain. Generally, it is suitable for driving in harsh road conditions such as paddy fields, dirt roads, mountain roads, and swamps. This motorised wheelbarrow kit transports smoothly and has good maneuverability on soft roads.

The motorised wheelbarrow petrol is suitable for transporting wood, stone and other items in the mountains and forests. It is easy to operate, runs smoothly in the mountains and forests, saves time and labor, and is a good assistant for transportation.

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In terms of agriculture, gasoline motorised wheelbarrow kit is suitable for transporting crops in harsh road conditions, with strong load capacity and stable transportation, and can be easily operated by one person, which improves work efficiency and saves manpower.

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As a long-standing and responsible motorised wheelbarrow manufacturer, we are always committed to supply our customer with the best motorised wheelbarrow, we welcome you to post your motorised wheelbarrow review and share your ideas with us, if you have other design ideas, you can contact us to make a status change, you can also like a motorised wheelbarrow inventor to do motorised wheelbarrow diy on the basis of our motorised wheelbarrow kit, make the motorised wheelbarrow for hire to be what you want, such as ride on motorised wheelbarrow, sit on motorised wheelbarrow etc., to meet your work and life needs much better.

In addition to this three-wheeled flatbed electric motorised wheelbarrow, we also have motorised wheelbarrow tracked models, you can click to see more.

If you want to buy motorised wheelbarrow or want to discuss with us about the motorised wheelbarrow kit status, or like to feedback us of the motorised wheelbarrow review, please feel free to contact us at any time.