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track barrow for sale

track barrow for sale

● Track barrow specification

Model 1 ton track barrow
Recommended load weight 1000kg
track barrow width 2000mm
track barrow dimensions(L*W*H) 2000*780*1300mm
Cargo box size 1200*780*500mm
Engine model Changchai 186 air-cooled
Power 10P
Start method electric start
Track specifications 180*72*38
Track standard construction rubber tracks
track barrow weight 460Kg
Drive gear 3 forward gears + 1 reverse gear
Standing slope angle 35°
Uphill angle 40°
Maximum travel speed 12km/h
Self-dumping function hydraulic dumping
Installation of a crane customized
Gearbox model 13#Enhanced


◎ Our track barrow for sale is stable and reliable. The vehicle chassis frame is made of high-strength and high-rigidity special materials, ensuring the stability of the whole machine. The driving wheels are made of high-strength alloy steel, which has good wear resistance and long service life.The rubber tracks of the track barrow for sale are made of high toughness, wear resistance, and anti-oxidation materials.

◎The barrow stock car track has features of high flexibility with the entire vehicle weight supported by caterpillar tracks, ensuring stable center of gravity and small turning radius. It is especially suitable for complex terrains on narrow sites, boasting great driving force and excellent uphill traction. The machine has the function of front and rear turning, making it highly maneuverable and capable of long-distance driving.Barrow stock car track is able to adapt to complex extreme road conditions such as rice fields, swamps, muddy terrain, rugged mountain roads, soft grasslands, mountains, deserts, skating, snow and more. It is widely used in agricultural, forestry, fruit orchards, water conservancy projects, infrastructure projects, mining and other fields.

◎ Self loading track barrow replaces traditional transportation methods with its characteristics of high load-bearing capacity, strong grip, and low noise. At the same time, the tracked mobile equipment enhances the ground contact area between the machine and the ground without damaging farmland and asphalt roads, providing excellent driving and passing capabilities.

self loading track barrow

The basic configuration of a self loading track barrow is based on the required load capacity. In the design process, factors such as power output, track length and overall width (contact area), support wheel structure, and maximum load capacity of bearings and gearboxes must be considered. A reasonable design will greatly reduce the failure rate of the self loading track barrow and extend its service life.

When using the motorized wheelbarrow with tracks in rural areas, mountains, beaches, dirt roads, and other places, it is necessary to consider whether to use a crane or a tipping bucket for loading and unloading to reduce the load.

motorized wheelbarrow with tracks

The motorized wheelbarrow on tracks has a small turning radius and flexible movement, making it particularly suitable for transporting goods in complex terrains. The power wheelbarrow with tracks has a wide range of application and can adapt to extreme road conditions such as grasslands, forests, deserts, rugged terrain, and snow and ice.

motorized wheelbarrow on tracks