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The characteristics of rubber track wheelbarrow

The rubber track wheelbarrow replaces traditional wheelbarrows with rubber tracks for transport. It offers high load-bearing capacity, strong traction, and low noise. In addition, a rubber track wheelbarrow enhances the unit ground contact area between the machine and the ground without damaging farmland and asphalt roads. It provides excellent driving and passing performance, reducing damage to the field surface. The rubber track wheelbarrow can be used in a wide range of extreme terrains, including rice fields, swamps, muddy roads, rugged mountain roads, soft grasslands, forests, deserts, etc. It is widely used in agricultural orchard transportation, cargo loading, water conservancy engineering, infrastructure projects, mining, and other scenarios.

rubber track wheelbarrow

track barrow buy◎High-strength vehicle chassis and brackets. High-rigidity materials ensure the stability of the entire machine.
◎The supporting, guiding and driving wheels are made of high-strength alloy steel, which has good wear resistance and a long service life.
◎The rubber tracks of this track barrow are made of high-toughness, wear-resistant, and anti-oxidation materials.
◎The mechanical gearbox is designed with wet friction plates, which offer high torque, strong load-bearing capacity, and high power. The braking system is stable and reliable.
◎The track barrow is flexible to move and supported by tracks, ensuring a stable center of gravity and a small turning radius. It is particularly suitable for transportation in narrow places. The machine has good driving force, strong traction on uphill terrain, flexible front and rear turning functions, and can travel long distances.

track barrow◎The track barrow is a transportation tool that has simple operation, unique design, cost-saving, and excellent climbing ability. It is equipped with rubber tracks ensuring stable operation during transportation for the operators.

◎ The barrow stock car track is equipped with eight-speed gears, six forward gears, two reverse gears, a wide range of speeds, and the ability to adapt to various terrains, meeting the needs of different users. It has the advantages of strong load-bearing capacity, simple and flexible operation, wide application range, four-speed gears, and adaptable to complex terrains, making users no longer worry about transportation problems in complex terrains.

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If you have purchased a track barrow and are unsure of how to maintain or clean it, you can contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.