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Solution to the clutch failure of tracked power barrow

The tracked power barrow is widely used due to its large loading capacity and smooth driving. Now let's talk about how to solve the problem when the clutch malfunctions of tracked power barrow.

tracked power barrow

1.If there is no resistance when pressing the clutch pedal, and there is a knocking sound when shifting in place, it may be due to the lack of oil in the clutch pump or oil leakage in the pipeline .Due to the entry of air into the oil line and the lack of sufficient pressure oil in the oil line to supply the clutch pump air valve, the clutch does not work. Therefore, we can solve the problem by replenishing hydraulic oil, or by replacing and repairing the oil pump.
2.If the clutch of a tracked barrow shakes when starting, it may be because the steel plates or pressure plates on the driven plate have become warped and deformed, making it difficult to connect with the flywheel or pressure plates. Alternatively, it could be caused by loose rivets on the driven plate. If this problem occurs, it is necessary to replace the driven plate or pressure plate.
3.If abnormal noises occur when the clutch is disengaged or engaged, it may be due to lack of lubricant in the release bearing or the presence of oil, dirt and dust, which can cause the bearing to not return to its proper position.
4.There are many reasons for clutch slippage in tracked power barrow, such as soft or broken pressure plate springs, loose bolts connecting the clutch to the flywheel, and clogged oil return holes in the clutch master pump. Generally, the following steps can be taken to solve the problem:
(1.)Check the free travel of the clutch pedal. If it does not meet the standard value, it should be adjusted accordingly.
(2.) If the free travel of the clutch pedal is normal, remove the clutch bottom cover and check if the bolts connecting the clutch cover to the flywheel are loose. If they are loose, tighten them.
(3.)Check if there is any oil stain on the edge of the clutch friction plate. If there is oil stain, it should be removed and cleaned with gasoline or alkaline water and dried, and then the source of the oil stain should be identified and eliminated. Afterwards, check the oil return hole of the clutch master pump. If it is clogged, it needs to be unblocked.
(4.) If the problem persists after the above checks, adjustments, and repairs, the clutch needs to be disassembled to check the spring force of the pressure plate. If the pressure plate spring is in good condition, its length should be consistent. If the length is inconsistent, it should be replaced with a new one. If the spring force decreases slightly and the length difference is not significant, shims can be added or removed under the spring to adjust it.

The above is the solution to the clutch failure of the tracked power barrow. We provide various types of tracked power barrow for sale, enabling you to find the best track barrow suitable for yourself and also learn more related knowledge such as why are tracks better than wheels through our blog.