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self loading track barrow for sale

motorised wheel barrow

● specification

Model self loading track barrow
Recommended load weight 1200kg
track barrow width 2000mm
track barrow dimensions(L*W*H) 2100*1050*1300mm
Cargo box size 1350*900*560mm
Engine model Changchai 186 air-cooled
Power 10P
Start method electric start
Track specifications 230*72*46mm
Track standard construction rubber tracks
track barrow weight 460Kg
Drive gear 3 forward gears + 1 reverse gear
Standing slope angle 35°
Uphill angle 40°
Maximum travel speed 12km/h
Self-dumping function hydraulic dumping
Installation of a crane customized
Turning radius 1500mm

Self loading track barrow is also suitable for transporting agricultural and forestry produce, loading/unloading goods at warehouses, water conservation engineering, infrastructure engineering, and mining sites. It is easy to operate, has multiple gears, and can handle deeper mud pits, ponds, and complex rocky paths. Additionally, compared to conventional transport vehicles, small track transport vehicles have smaller vehicle sizes that can easily navigate narrow stones, forest areas, and buildings.
The agricultural track transport vehicle can freely travel on muddy and frozen roads. It has strong transport capacity, large climbing ability, easy operation, convenient maintenance, wide vision, and a unique appearance. A direct injection diesel engine is used as the power source, which is easy to start and has low fuel consumption. With a controller, it has a strong ability to overcome obstacles. Adopting a self-unloading design, the agricultural track transport vehicle can be used for construction feeding, boiler slag transportation, highway construction transport, ash kiln feeding, community garbage collection, water channel filling, vehicle loading, agricultural construction, road maintenance, feed, coal processing, mining,building materials, timber transportation and other construction sites.

chain cleaning and maintenance

When using the tracked power barrow, it should be cleaned regularly (chain cleaning and maintenance). Due to the accumulation of large amounts of dust during use, if not cleaned, it can easily cause the agricultural track transport vehicle to operate inflexibly, reduce work efficiency, and shorten the service life of the construction vehicle.
Our tracked power barrow is equipped with a high-power gasoline engine, which provides strong power and can easily navigate through any terrain. The self loading track barrow has a carrying capacity that is sufficient for most rural transport work. The doors on both sides of the cargo box can be flat, greatly increasing the carrying area, making it very practical. Additionally, the machine is equipped with a four-speed transmission, three forward gears and one reverse gear, with a wide range of transmission gears that can be used on various terrains, meeting the needs of different users, and is convenient and practical.The self loading track barrow has the advantages of a large payload, simple operation, flexibility, wide application, four-speed transmission, and adaptability to complex terrain. With it, you don't have to worry about the complicated transportation of complex terrain.

The agricultural track transport vehicle solves the problem of time-consuming and laborious manual handling in mountainous areas, fields, construction sites, orchards, etc. It not only improves the efficiency of mountain agriculture production but also greatly improves the economic benefits of fruit farmers.