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Precautions for using a track barrow

Before use:

1. Check if the fuel is abnormal or insufficient, start the hydraulic pump motor, and check if the machine can operate normally.
2. The operator must be familiar with the operation buttons of the equipment and understand the operating procedures of the equipment.
3. The operator must carefully inspect all track barrow parts to ensure that they are in normal working condition.
4. Before starting work, it is necessary to start the hydraulic motor for 5-10 minutes. 5. Operators are not allowed to manually control the electric control valve without changing or damaging the electrical system. Without the consent of the authorized organization, operators are not allowed to personally adjust or replace hydraulic components.

track barrow

In use:

1.Before starting the power track barrow, all inspection items must be completed, and the operator must check whether there are any personnel or obstacles around the power track barrow. After confirming that it is safe, the operator can prepare to start the engine.
2.Turn the key to the ON position and honk to signal the start. Turn the key to the START position and start the petrol track barrow engine. If the engine has difficulty starting, the time in the START position should not exceed 20 seconds once, and the interval between two starts should not be less than 2 minutes. If it fails to start for three consecutive times, the petrol track barrow engine should be checked.
3.After the power track barrow engine is started, release the key immediately.
4.Turn the track tension switch and lubrication switch to the automatic position. Press the fault display button to check for any fault information.
5.Press the light test button on the workbench to check if all signal lights are normal.
6.Press the fault display button to check for any fault information.
7.Press the liquid level display button to check the diesel and hydraulic oil levels.
8.If the oil pressure of the power track barrow engine is still not normal after 6 seconds of starting, the engine should be immediately shut off and checked. Finally, the all-terrain track barrow should always be kept clean to prevent dust, coolant, debris, cotton yarn, and other debris from entering the fuel tank.