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Precautions for changing the engine oil and throttle usage in tracked power barrow

Tracked power barrow has widespread applications in agriculture and construction industries due to their powerful engines and low fuel consumption. YANSUMI would like to introduce some precautions for changing the engine oil and throttle usage in tracked power barrow.

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Method for changing the engine oil in track powered wheelbarrow:
1.Select the appropriate extreme power track barrow engine oil according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
2.Before changing the engine oil, run the power track barrow for a period of time to allow the oil to lubricate the engine evenly and bring out the sediment or impurities inside the engine.
3.Open the oil drain plug at the bottom of the power track barrow's engine to begin draining the oil. Be sure to allow an additional 15 minutes after the oil has drained completely to ensure all residual oil is removed from the engine.
4.Carefully observe the engine oil flowing out of the power track barrow. If it is extremely viscous and shows signs of separation, or has a slight odor, it is recommended to shorten the engine oil change cycle. If there is a strong gasoline odor, it indicates a poor seal in the engine combustion chamber and requires inspection and repair of the engine's seal.
5.Close the oil port bolt, replace with a brand new oil filter, and check if it is completely sealed.
6.Open the engine oil filler cap of the power track barrow and pour in the new engine oil. Be sure to check the maximum level marked on the oil dipstick and avoid overfilling the engine oil.
7.After adding the engine oil, start the engine and idle for a few minutes before turning it off.
8.check the oil dipstick again to see if additional engine oil needs to be added.

When using the power track barrow, some taboos regarding throttle usage

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1.Do not repeatedly step on the accelerator before starting the track powered wheelbarrow. Repeatedly stepping on the accelerator before starting will not allow diesel to enter the cylinder, but will instead cause accelerated wear and tear on the connecting parts of the accelerator linkage.

2.Do not abruptly change the accelerator position when using the track barrow. Diesel engines have a higher compression ratio than gasoline engines, and sudden increases or decreases in the accelerator position can cause connecting rods and crankshafts to deform or break during operation.

3.Do not increase the accelerator when starting the power track barrow. During initial startup, the engine speed is low, and excessive fuel supply can make it difficult to ignite the engine, and may even cause excessive smoke and carbon buildup due to engine misfire.

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