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The solutions and steps for motorised wheelbarrow tracked hydraulic oil pollutions

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Motorised wheelbarrow is a tracked wheelbarrow that can be used for agricultural slope transportation. The motorised wheelbarrow kit is mainly composed of a hydraulic system, a traveling hydraulic motor, a track part, a frame and a pallet, an operating handle, and a control system. The motorized tracked wheelbarrow can walk on pedestrian slopes, which greatly improves the work of farmers in picking up items and replaces carrying burdens with transportation. During the working process of motorised wheelbarrow tracked, the use of the hydraulic system is very important. To ensure that the hydraulic system of hydraulic tracked wheelbarrow can work normally and reliably, hydraulic oil pollution must be controlled. But how to solve the hydraulic oil pollution problem of motorized wheelbarrow for sale? Please follow us to learn about the solutions and steps for motorised wheelbarrow tracked hydraulic oil pollutions.

● Control the working temperature of the hydraulic oil of motorised wheelbarrow on tracks:

Excessively high working temperature of hydraulic oil will have a negative impact on the working components of the hydraulic system of motorised wheelbarrow petrol and will also accelerate the oxidation of the hydraulic oil. Generally, the working temperature of the hydraulic system of a (motorised wheelbarrow petrol) is best controlled below 65°C, and the working temperature of the hydraulic oil is best controlled below 80°C.
Controlling the working temperature of hydraulic oil mainly includes three part:
(1) Controlling the performance of the cooler of the motorised track wheelbarrow hydraulic system;
(2) Reasonably controlling the quantity of hydraulic oil in the entire track powered wheelbarrow hydraulic system;
(3) Controlling the load and speed of hydraulic system components of motorized track wheelbarrow.

● The components and systems of motorized wheelbarrow on tracks should be cleaned during processing and assembly:

1. In the processing and manufacturing of tracked wheelbarrow parts, each process must be purified and to remove the residual pollutants during processing;
2. the tracked wheelbarrow parts must be cleaned before assembly, and must be strictly cleaned and inspected after assembly;
3. After removing burrs, welding slag and other contaminants, fuel tanks and pipes need to be pickled to remove surface oxides;
4. the newly installed hydraulic system should be circular flushed, and should regularly take samples from the system to do analysis. Kindly note, the circular flushing should be done until meet requirements.
5. When cleaning, please wear protective equipment .

● Check and replace hydraulic oil regularly:

During the use of the hydraulic oil of the motorized track wheelbarrow, the intrusion of pollutants will cause bad effects on the hydraulic system. To effectively control the pollution of the hydraulic oil, the seals and joints must be regularly inspected and processed, check and analyze the hydraulic oil, and replace the hydraulic oil of the motorized wheelbarrow with tracks regularly.

● Use online monitoring technology for hydraulic oil pollution:

We can use the online monitoring of hydraulic oil pollution on motorised wheel barrow for sale to monitor the quality of the hydraulic oil during use at any time, and the pollution level and corresponding causes can be displayed promptly and accurately on the displayer. The more important point is, even if the worker doesn’t notice what is displayed on the monitor, the mini tracked wheelbarrow or dumper alarm device will also alarms once the pollution level reaches the corresponding level, to ensure the hydraulic oil of the tracked wheelbarrow for sale keep good performance and quality while working.