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How to choose the cooling fluid for motorized track wheelbarrow

Motorized track wheelbarrow should choose cooling fluids with low viscosity, low freezing point, good corrosion resistance, and less prone to scale formation.

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1.Low viscosity.Low viscosity is preferred for the cooling fluid of the self loading track barrow engine, as it allows for better fluid activity and heat dissipation.
2.High boiling point and low freezing point.The freezing point refers to the temperature at which the cooling fluid crystallizes under supercooled conditions. If the engine coolant of the skip loader track barrow has a higher freezing point and the machine is parked in cold temperatures for an extended period, the engine coolant jacket and radiator may freeze and crack."
The boiling point is the temperature at which the cooling fluid in the engine boils. A higher boiling point of the engine coolant enables effective heat dissipation at elevated temperatures, ensuring normal operation of the motorized track wheelbarrow under conditions of full load, high speed, or in mountainous and tropical areas during summer. Therefore, the engine coolant should be selected for both winter antifreeze and summer boiling prevention.
3.Good corrosion resistance. The engine coolant must come into contact with various metal materials during operation. If the coolant has corrosive properties, it can lead to engine damage and affect the normal operation of the skip loader track barrow.
In order to ensure good corrosion resistance of the engine coolant, it is important to maintain an alkaline state. The pH value of the engine coolant should be between 7.5 and 11.0. Corrosion resistance will be greatly weakened if the pH value is outside this range. During the process of adding engine coolant, it is easy to come into contact with the organic coating layer on the self loading track barrow. Therefore, it is necessary for the engine coolant to have no adverse effects on the organic coating of self loading track barrow, otherwise problems such as peeling, bulging, and fading may occur.
4.low propensity for scale formation.Scaling has a significant impact on the heat dissipation capacity of the engine cooling system.Experiments have shown that the heat transfer coefficient of scale is tens of times smaller than that of cast iron and 100-300 times smaller than that of aluminum alloy. Professional English translation of: According to relevant materials, it is found during engine repair that about 6% of engines have problems with the cooling system, and the most common cause of the problem is due to scale or corrosion. If excessive foam occurs in the engine coolant, it can also cause a decrease in the heat transfer coefficient of the coolant and poorer heat dissipation performance. If you want more technical knowledge such as motorised wheelbarrow tracked hydraulic oil pollution solution and steps, you can contact us.