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Features of track wheelbarrow

rubber track wheelbarrow

Work safety and comfort. The ergonomic design of the handles and controls, combined with the stable maneuverability, ensures that users can operate rubber track wheelbarrow comfortably and safely for extended periods of time.

tracked wheelbarrow wheel

Powerful all-terrain traction and zero-turn radius - the tracks provide traction and stability on uneven, muddy, and wet ground. With a zero-turn radius, it can pivot in place without damaging the ground.

Fast track wheelbarrow

Fast track wheelbarrow features a solid steel bucket, frame, and handles that make it durable. It can easily and safely transport loads up to 550kg through narrow spaces and work locations.

operation panel

Powerful and versatile - powered by a 7.5hp engine and equipped with a multi-speed gearbox (3 forward gears + 1 reverse gear), making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Track barrow dimensions L*W*H 1700*700*1200 mm Engine model 170F
Cargo box size Power Power Drive mode/brake
Drive mode/brake Start method Start method hand pull start
Wheelbase width 550 mm Load weight 550 kg
Track specifications 170*70*37 Engineering thickening Recommended load weight 500 kg
Track standard Copper wire manganese block rubber track Track barrow weight 360 kg
Precision cast steel Precision cast steel drive gear 2 forward gears + 1 reverse gear gearbox 2 forward gears + 1 reverse gear gearbox
Manual 60° angle Manual 60° angle Slope/Uphill Height 25°/45
track wheelbarrow

The compact size of the track wheelbarrow, with dimensions of just 1.7m in length and 0.7m in width, makes it ideal for transportation to work sites via a MOTOCARGAS. Compared to traditional mechanical equipment, its smaller size makes it more suitable for use in narrow work areas or at remote locations. This feature allows the track wheelbarrow to excel in a variety of different fields. If you want to transport cargo weighing over 1 ton, you can check out 1000kg track barrow for sale and 1200kg self loading track barrow for sale. By adopting a diesel engine, it has a larger carrying capacity.

track wheelbarrow for sale
power track wheelbarrow

How to use Track wheelbarrow

fast track wheelbarrow

Track wheelbarrow is a vehicle that uses a lever-style operation and has multiple control levers, including clutch lever, brake lever, gear lever, left turn lever, and right turn lever, etc., used to control the vehicle's start, steering, driving speed, and stopping, etc.
1.Adjust the accelerator to an appropriate size, and turn the switch to start the engine.

2.Pull the clutch lever to the bottom, then pull the gear lever to first gear, gradually release the clutch lever, and make the vehicle begin to drive straight.

3.Pull the right turn lever to move the power track wheelbarrow to the right; pull the left turn lever to move the power track wheelbarrow to the left, and at the same time, pulling both the left and right turn levers can achieve braking effect; or pull the brake lever to brake.

4.Dumping of the truck bed requires operation of the lifting rod. If you need to raise the cargo box, push up the lifting rod; if you need to lower the cargo box, pull down the lifting rod. If there is no response from the truck bed after pushing the lifting rod, increase the accelerator appropriately.

5.After completing the transport task, it is necessary to restore all gears, adjust the accelerator to the minimum, and then turn off the switch. you check our blog Precautions for using a track barrow for more knowledge.