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Cleaning and maintenance precautions for mini tracked barrow

Mini tracked barrow have been developed to address the issue of laborious manual handling in difficult terrain such as mountains, fields, swamps, sand, snow and soft soil, and have thus found wide application in agriculture and construction industries.

What should be noted when cleaning mini tracked barrow?

Self loading tracked barrow

When cleaning self loading tracked barrow, the following should be noted:
1.Please wear a dust mask when carrying out cleaning work on a wheelbarrow on tracks for an extended period of time, as not doing so may cause respiratory discomfort.
2.Please wear protective goggles when carrying out cleaning work on a wheelbarrow on tracks, as there is a risk of blindness if concrete debris enters the eyes.
3.Please wear earplugs when carrying out cleaning work on a wheelbarrow on tracks, as not doing so may cause hearing loss.
4.Gloves should also be worn during the job to protect the skin from exposure and avoid direct contact with concrete, in order to ensure personal protection.

How to maintain mini tracked barrow?

track barrow reviewsCorrect maintenance measures for mini tracked wheelbarrow include:
1.Before operating and using a mini tracked wheelbarrow, please carefully read the operation manual to understand the machine's performance and master the correct driving operation method. Keep a low speed on uneven terrain, operate and use it reasonably to avoid damaging the tracked barrow tracks.
2.Before starting small tracked wheelbarrow, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the machine and reduce the degree of wear between internal parts, lubricating oil needs to be added between various parts. This can help to lower the internal failure rate of the machine. Tighten the loosened parts in a timely manner and replace the old and seriously worn parts promptly.
3.After the transportation operation of a small tracked wheelbarrow is completed, clean the vehicle body, remove any remaining weeds and dirt on the tracks, and maintain the cleanliness of the tracks. This can help the small tracked wheelbarrow to perform better during transportation operations.