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Causes and solutions of oil leakage on the tracked power barrow

When the tracked power barrow
experiences oil leakage, it not only results in insufficient lubrication and cooling of the components, leading to damage and affecting the equipment's usage, but in severe cases, there may even be potential safety hazards.

tracked power barrow

A, The common causes of oil leakage in the tracked power barrow are as follows:

1,The breaking of the liner or failure to install the track barrow parts it according to the specifications of the operating procedures.
2,Loose torque of fastening nuts, broken or loose threads, and detachment can result in work failure. Prolonged use of sealing materials can cause excessive wear, aging, deterioration, and deformation failure.
3,Damage of track barrow parts, such as edge covers and thin-walled components, results in lubricating oil seepage. When the vent plug or check valve becomes blocked, the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the box often results in oil leakage at weak sealing points.
4, Excessive addition of lubricating oil can cause the oil level to be too high, which can also result in oil leakage during operation.

B, Measures to prevent oil leakage in track drive wheel barrow.

1.The importance of gaskets should be emphasized, as they play a sealing role between components in stationary parts. If the gasket material, manufacturing quality, and installation do not meet technical specifications and features, it cannot provide a proper seal, and accidents may occur. For example, in the case of the oil sump or valve cover, due to their large contact areas that are difficult to compress, oil leakage can easily occur.
2.The fastening nuts on the tracked power barrow should be tightened according to the specified torque. If the screw is too loose, the gasket will leak. If it is too tight, the metal around the nuts may bulge or the nuts may slip, causing oil leakage.
3.To avoid blockage of the check valve and vent valve on the diesel track barrow, which can cause an increase in the temperature and pressure inside the box, resulting in increased lubricant consumption. After the engine ventilation system is blocked, the piston's motion resistance will also increase, which leads to an increase in the amount of lubricating oil used.
4.Timely replacement of failed oil seals and selection of the right grade of engine oil. Generally, a high-grade engine oil should be chosen to prevent insufficient oil viscosity and increase the wear of parts.
5,Proper daily maintenance of the powered track barrow can ensure stable equipment operation, increase its service life, and reduce the probability of accidents during operation, thus obtaining better economic benefits. As an important component, the track cannot be neglected in maintenance, especially for rubber tracks that are often used in harsh environments and are prone to damage.
The above is a summary of the causes and solutions for oil leakage on the powered track barrow, hoping to help everyone.