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200 ml water pouch packing machine

water pouch packing machine price: USD 1500 - 5000

◆ Water pouch packing machine description

water pouch packing machine in Hyderabad

The automatic water liquid pouch packing machine is mainly used for packing the liquid materials with good fluidity and no impurities such as water, milk, fruit juice drinks, seasoning water, etc. his mineral water pouch packing machine can automatically complete the production, measurement, filling, sewing, cutting, technology, and batch number printing and so on. The packaging speed is fast and the precision is high, which is deeply loved by users. 

◆Product parameters

Product name Water liquid pouch packing machine
Model YS-BF1000
Automation grade Full automatic
Bag length 50-150cm
Bag width 65-150cm
Film width 150-320cm
Bag capacity 50-500ml
Packing speed 19-22 bags/min 1100-1300 bags/h
Voltage 220C/AC-50HZ
Power 2 .1 KW
Dimensions 1050*850*2050mm
Total weight 370kg
Sealed form Side seal

◆ Product details

  • With cursor locator

    With cursor locator;
    Make the size of the packaging uniform and the pattern of the packaging bag complete.

  • LCD display

    LCD display;
    Touch screen, microcomputer control, automatic packing process, making your operation easier.

  • Stainless steel roll film rod

    Stainless steel roll film rod;
    Real materials, stable and reliable, durable.

  • Bag pulling device

    Bag pulling device;
    Equipped with a motor, the film is pulled smoothly, and the operation is safe and firm.

  • Copper high-temperature cloth heat conduction

    Copper high-temperature cloth heat conduction;
    fast sealing, one-time solidification, high temperature resistance, one-time bag forming, the film won’t stripping, rapid bag forming, and the packaging is firm.

◆ Water pouch packing machine features

•Wide range of packaging

Applicable to the packaging of various liquids such as milk, goat milk, yogurt, fresh milk, soy milk, soy milk, soy sauce, vinegar, rice wine and other seasoning water, bagged water, etc.

mineral water pouch packing machine delhi

•Automatic fast bag making

The rapid prototyping completes the bag making, and after the settings are adjusted, there is zero error rate. It can also support a variety of mold customization

water pouch packing machine in Kanpur

•Thickened stainless steel food contact material

Durable and oil-proof, easy to clean, no rust, and the water liquid pouch packing machine can be recycled use.

water pouch packing machine Kolkata

•High quality suction ametering pump

Strong and fast suction, meet industrial needs, stable filling, accurate measurement.

mineral water pouch packing machine lucknow

•Wide range of packaging materials

Transparent packaging film, aluminum foil bag, composite film, colored packaging film, etc. can be used. For other packaging materials, please contact us for consultation.

•High power motor

The high-power pure copper motor can easily drive the mineral water pouch packing machine to run, it is durable, and the bag is pulled smoothly.

◆ Water pouch packing machine price

The automatic mini water pouch packing machine has much fast packing speed than manual water pouch packing machine, and its sealing effect also much better, If you want to increase your packing efficiency and effect, you can choose this fully automatic water pouch packing machine. Although its price is higher than manual pouch packing machine price, but it is really great worth. Kindly note, water pouch packing machine price is not static, it will vary according to the state and configuration of the machine, but generally speaking, it is around USD 1500-5000. The exact water pouch packing machine price list can only be determined after you communicate your specific needs..

◆ Liquid pouch packing machine manufacturer

As a water pouch packing machine price factory and pouch packing machine exporters with many years of experience, we can provide users different types of pouch packing machine with reliable quality and reasonable prices. Our products are sold to water pouch packing machine shop, pouch packing machine distributors and water pouch packing machine suppliers in India such as water pouch packing machine manufacturer in Gujarat, and also sold to Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and other countries, which are very popular. We have our own freight team, which can deliver the packaging machine to you in the fastest and most convenient way. You can consult us about water pouch packing machine spare parts and drinking water pouch packing machine price for example, water pouch packing machine price in India such as water pouch packing machine price in Delhi, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Odisha, we will recommend the appropriate fully automatic pouch packing machine status to you according to your specific packaging needs, and give the corresponding pouch packing machine cost. Welcome to contact us.

mineral water pouch packing machine india

◆ Related knowledge

How to increase the safety of water liquid pouch packing machine use?

In today's society, many companies in the beverage packaging industry use water liquid pouch packing machine to effectively improve the packaging efficiency and improve the packaging quality, but there are also some safety hazards in the machine use. So, how to increase the safety of pouch packing machine?

1.Operate the equipment correctly
For any mechanical equipment, it is necessary to adopt the correct operation method when using it. And before using the water pouch packing machine, it is also necessary to check whether the equipment is abnormal. For example, check whether there are loose screws or residues that are not cleaned after starting up. Only eliminate these abnormalities can effectively eliminate the safety hazards of the pouch packing machine.

2.Do a good job in pouch packing machine maintenance
If you want to use the pouch packing machine automatic better, you must do a good job in the maintenance. Through maintenance, you can understand the related problems of the machine, and try to solve the problems in advance.

3Cultivate safety awareness
Relevant safety awareness training must be done for employees so that they have a strong safety awareness, can operate water liquid pouch packing machine correctly, and keep safety in mind. When the pouch packing machine is working normally, avoid touching the machine directly with your head or hands.

For more knowledge, welcome to consult our website, we will have professional technicians to help you.

Maintenance precautions of water liquid pouch packing machine

The water liquid pouch packing machine is suitable for packaging various liquids such as fruit juice beverages, prepared beverages, milk, mineral water, etc. It is a packing machine that is used in many food and beverage industries. The following is a brief introduction to the maintenance method of water liquid pouch packing machine.

1.Regular lubrication
Check the lubrication of each part of the mini water pouch packing machine, and then lubricate the joints of the gears to improve the working efficiency of the machine.

2.Regularly check the pouch packing machine parts
At least once a month, check bolts, bearings and other movable pouch packing machine parts for flexibility, check other parts of looseness and wear, repair them in time.

3,Keep clean and dry working environment
The pouch packing machine should be installed in a dry and clean environment, and should not work in an environment containing acid and other corrosive substances to the human body.

4.Do a good job of cleaning
After the water liquid pouch packing machine stops working, it is necessary to clean up the residual liquid in the pipeline in time, remove the foreign matter on the end face of thepouch packing machine heater and constant heat-sealed copper block and the materials left on the packaging machine, and keep the pouch packing machine parts clean.

Using precautions of water liquid pouch packing machine

Although the water liquid pouch packing machine has high packaging efficiency and a high degree of automation, it is still not as smart as humans, so it still needs humans and machines to work together when operating. Let's take a look at what to pay attention to when operating the water liquid pouch packing machine.

1.Pay attention to pre-check
Beverages are to be drunk into people's stomachs, so cleanliness is very important. Therefore, when using a liquid pouch packing machine, check whether the inside of the equipment is clean in advance, and clean it before starting it. If there is any damage, specialized technicians are required to repair it to prevent other safety accidents.

2.Pay attention to the safety of operators
In the process of operating the water pouch packing machine cheap, especially when need to touch very sharp pouch packing machine parts, must pay attention to the safety protection of the operator.

3.Operate the touch screen with clean hands
Workers must use clean fingers to complete the touch screen operation of the mini water pouch packing machine, and cannot use fingertips, nails or other sharp and hard objects to tap the touch screen to avoid damage, and resulting in the pouch packing machine not working properly, or even appearing Hazards such as electric leakage..

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