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Small Pouch Packing Machine


small pouch packing machine

The small pouch packing machine is composed of a three-side sealing machine and a sub-packing machine. It is mainly used for packaging granules, powders, and small flake materials. The packaging speed is fast and the maintenance cost is low. Cutting, packaging, and bag cutting are all done automatically, which can greatly improve labor productivity.

This small masala pouch packing machine is a combination product. The sealing machine can be combined and connected with various packaging machines to realize automatic packaging and packaging of different materials, and can also be operated separately and semi-automatically. Compared with the all-in-one packaging machine, this combination pouch packing machine has low maintenance costs, better packaging speed and effect, and is more cost-effective and durable.

◆Product parameters

Product name Three-side sealing small automatic pouch packing machine
Automation grade fully automatic
Packing items granules, powders, small flakes, strips, etc.
Packing speed 10-25 bags/min (depending on the product)
Tolerance scope ±0.2g (depending on the product)
Packing range 2-50g (depending on the product)
Rated power 500W (whole machine)
Rated voltage 220V/50HZ (110V can be customized)
Dimensions 42*45*142cm
Product weight 55KG
Body color Brushed stainless steel
Bag length 3-18cm
Bag width Film width 6-20cm (optional) Remarks: (one bag maker only supports one size)
Applicable material Roll film formed by heat pressing and sealing (such as transparent film, aluminized film, color printing film, non-woven fabric, filter paper)

◆ Product structure

pouch packing machine small

◆ Pouch packing machine working

pouch packing machine small

◆ Product details

● Intelligent control panel, easy to operate.

control panel

● Clamp block safety cover
Easy to disassemble, safe and convenient, practical and easy to use.

pouch packing machine for spices

● The briquetting block adopts double-sided push design, intelligent constant temperature control, stable machine operation, high efficiency, firm and neat sealing, and good effect.

● The knife holder adopts independent support. The blade is strong, the pressing block is not easy to wear, and the sealing edge is cut neatly and beautifully.

Product details

● Larger control transformer. The inner coil is copper wire, with sufficient capacity, fast heating and stable operation.

control transformer

● Brushed stainless steel body. Easy to clean, stable material, durable, no paint peeling off.

small pouch packing machine price

● Can pack a variety of different materials

This small pouch packing machine is suitable for packaging granules, powders, small flakes, and strips of materials. Such as whole grains, tea, pharmaceutical powder, medicinal tablets, seeds, coffee powder, coffee beans, scented tea, electronic components, hardware components, plastic particles, etc.

small milk pouch packing machine

● Applicable to a variety of packaging materials.

This pouch packing machine small is suitable for a variety of packaging materials, such as transparent composite film, filter paper, non-woven fabric, color printing composite film, color aluminized film, etc.

small automatic pouch packing machine

◆ Buying precautions

•Bag size selection
Regular size pouch packing machine small with roll film widths of 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 12.5, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20cm can be provided. For other specifications, please contact customer service.

•Note 1: For bags made of three-side-sealed packaging roll film, the calculation method for width is simple, just fold the width of the film in half. For example: a roll film of 16cm has a width of 8cm after being folded in half, that is to say, the width of the finished bag is 8cm, and the length can be adjusted between 3-16cm.

•Note 2: The available roll width is fixed. The length can be adjusted. You can choose a width specification according to the amount of material. If you need special specifications, please contact us to customize.

•Note 3: Blank roll film (such as: blank transparent film, aluminum foil film, non-woven fabric, filter paper, etc.) does not need to be equipped with a cursor positioner. Roll film materials with words or patterns need to be equipped with cursor positioning.

small masala pouch packing machine

◆ Small pouch packing machine options

Equipped with different filling mechanisms, the pouch packing machine can realize the packaging of powder, granule, liquid, sauce and other materials.

Option 1: Inclined feeder
This type pouch packing machine for sale is mainly suitable for powder and granular materials. Such as medicine powder, coffee powder, whole grains, chemical plastics, crystal painting diamonds and other products, and the role of sealing packaging molding.

pouch packing machine low price

Option 2: Screw feedere
This type small pouch packing machine is mainly suitable for products in the form of strips, granules, and flakes. Such as tea, pills, goji berries, pet food, crystal painting diamonds and other products, packaging and sealing packaging molding.

small pouch packing machine manufacturer

◆ Export packing

carton and wooden packing

Our small pouch packing machines are widely sold to many countries such as Pakistan,India etc.In order to ensure that users receive the perfect machine,we use carton and wooden packaging to ensure that the machine will not be damaged during transportation.

In addition, we also have different types of pouch packing machine such as pouch packing machine for liquid (water liquid pouch packing machine,coca cola pouch packing machine, pouch packing machine for milk, etc.), paste packaging machines,etc. You can click WHATSAPP to contact us for small pouch packing machine price, and you can also consult more about different uses packaging machine products.

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