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Milk pouch packing machine

Milk pouch packing machine price: USD 1500 - 5000

◆ Product introduction

milk pouch packing machine

This milk pouch packing machine adds a storage barrel design on the top of the self-priming automatic liquid pouch packing machine, which can be used for long-distance and long-term large-volume liquid packaging, and the measurement is more accurate.

If your storage tank is far away and it is not suitable to place the milk pouch packing machine small nearby, or if you want to pack a large amount and want to avoid the trouble of frequent feeding, this machine is your good choice 

◆ Reference technical specification

Model YS-ZF1000 YS-ZF2000 YS-ZF4000
Automation grade Full automatic Full automatic Full automatic
Bag length 50-150cm 50-250cm 100-400cm
Bag width 65-150cm 65-175cm 65-210cm
Packing film width 150-320cm 150-380cm 150-450cm
Bag capacity 50-550ml 200-1050ml 500-2000ml
Packing speed 1100-1300bags/h 1100-1300bags/h 800-1000bags/h
Voltage 220C/AC-50HZ 220C/AC-50HZ 220C/AC-50HZ
Power 2.1 KW 2.5 KW 2.5 KW
Dimensions 1050*850*2050mm 1050*850*2050mm 1200*850*2050mm
Total weight 370kg 380kg 460kg
Sealed form center seal(back seal) center seal(back seal) center seal(back seal)

◆ Product advantages

•The fresh milk pouch packing machine has a customized storage tank, self-flowing feeding, suitable for long-distance and large-volume packaging.

•Automatically completes bag making, quantitative filling, ink printing, sealing and cutting.

•The heating temperature, bag delivery length, packaging weight are simple adjusted.

•This milk pouch packing machine small has high continuous filling precision and fast packaging speed, and the maintenance is convenient.

◆ Excellent pouch packing machine design

•Compare to self-priming automatic pouch packing machine for milk, this fresh milk pouch packing machine has self-flowing storage tank design, suitable for long-distance and large-volume packaging;

•Back-sealed packaging, strong and beautiful;

•Valve plug pump filling and metering, accurate and efficient;

•Film sterilization, liquid material sterilization, in line with hygienic standards;

•Photoelectric control to ensure the integrity of the packaging bag pattern;

•Fully automatic operation, automatically complete bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, printing batch number;

•The shell and material contact pouch packing machine and spare parts are made of stainless steel, which is strong and durable;

fresh milk pouch packing machine

◆ Product details

  •  cursor locator

    With cursor locator;
    Make the size of the packaging uniform and the pattern of the packaging bag complete.

  • Touch screen

    LCD display;
    Touch screen, microcomputer control, automatic packing process, making your operation easier.

  • Stainless steel roll film rod

    Stainless steel roll film rod;
    Real materials, stable and reliable, durable.

  • Bag pulling device

    Bag pulling device;
    Equipped with a motor, the film is pulled smoothly, and the operation is safe and firm.

  • Customized sealing

    Customized sealing;
    The sealing temperature can be adjusted according to different milk pouch packaging material.

  • collar type pouch packing machine

    The collar type packaging bag forming,
    The milk packing bags are firm and beautiful.

◆ Collar type pouch packing machine packing effect

This collar type small milk pouch packing machine for sale can automatically and quickly complete the bag making, and the center seal (back sealing) method makes the packaging more solid and beautiful. Different milk pouch packaging material can be used for the packaging, such as PE film and Composite film. In addition, we also support a variety of milk packing bags mold customization, please contact us for consultation.

milk packing bags

◆ Packable product range reference

This plastic milk pouch packing machine for milk is suitable for packaging milk, fresh milk, goat milk, soy milk, soy sauce, vinegar, bagged water rice wine and various liquids.

pouch packing machine for milk
milk pouch packaging material

◆ Milk pouch packing machine type

Bag-making fresh milk pouch packing machine
The milk pouch packing machine automatically forms the packaging film and then packs the milk.

milk  pouch packing machine in Pakistan
milk pouch packing machine small

• Automatic premade milk pouch packing machine for sale
Use finished bags, the milk pouch packing machine picks up the bags by itself, open the bag and filling, sealing etc.

cheap milk pouch packing machine

• The filling type milk pouch packing machine
Use special-shaped finished bags or bottles. Contact us for more detailed information.

◆ Manufacturer introduction

We are a professional pouch packing machine manufacturer, provide high-quality products with reasonable prices and perfect services. We provide different types of pouch packing machines like automatic water pouch packing machine, milk pouch packing machine etc. You can view our pouch packing machine video and you are welcome to contact us on WHATSAPP for more information such as milk pouch packing machine price, pouch packing machine parts.

Our automatic pouch packing machine for milk are mainly sold to India and Pakistan, and our own freight team transports them to automatic pouch packing machine manufacturer India (for example automatic pouch packing machine manufacturer in Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Rajkot, Gujarat, etc.) and Pakistan smoothly and efficiently, and the cost is low, so we can provide you with a reasonable milk pouch packing machine price in Pakistan and India.

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What is the use of milk pouch packing machine?

The milk pouch packing machine is an automatic pouch packing machine used to fill liquid foods such as milk into small bags and seal them into small packages that are easy to carry, store, and use. The milk pouch packing machine can automatically complete filling, sealing, cutting and other tasks, greatly improving production efficiency and packaging quality. In addition, the milk pouch packaging machine can also be adjusted according to different production needs (different specifications and requirements of packaging products).

What are Precautions of milk packaging machine

1.Keep clean and dry
When the milk pouch packing machine working finished, the residual liquid in the pipeline should be rinsed with clean water in time to avoid its deterioration and affect the quality of the next product. If necessary, remove the infusion plastic tube with a brush, and wipe the milk packaging machine in time to keep it dry and tidy.

2.Regularly check
Regularly check the moving parts and lubrication conditions in each shift, and add 20# lubricating oil or lithium-based grease at any time. Otherwise, it will seriously affect the service life of the fresh milk pouch packing machine.

3.Periodic inspection
Clean up the foreign matter on the end surface of the copper block of the horizontal heat seal, and there must be no scale phenomenon, otherwise, it is easy to cause the thermal conductivity to decrease, the temperature of the copper block to increase, and the sealing and cutting of the horizontal heat seal to be abnormal.

4.When an abnormal situation is found, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the fresh milk pouch packing machine only can be used again after the abnormality is eliminated.

5.In winter production, when the temperature is below 0°C, hot water should be used to melt the frozen matter in the quantitative pump and pipeline, otherwise the connecting rod will be broken, or the automatic pouch packing machine for milk will not start.

6.Use appropriate packaging materials
The thickness of the single-piece plastic film suitable for this machine should be 80 microns (0.08mm), and the tensile strength, uniformity of thickness and lubricity of the film should be guaranteed.

7.Control the weight of packaging materials
The weight of each roll of packaging material should be controlled below 18kg (320mm), or14kg (240mm) . The transverse heat sealing temperature should be below 260°C, otherwise it may cause poor heat sealing, or increase the rate of bag breakage, which will affect your packaging effect and increase the cost.

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